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Earn $2000 in a day


Earn $2000 in a day

On April 12th, 2016, virtual magazine Shock published an article about how webcam models through a computer and Internet connection become the most desired women in the web. Avoiding the words and/or yellow journalism that sometimes take place, the publication provides interesting data on Colombian models worth reading:

MilouSuicide wakes up at 8 in the morning, gets out of bed and takes over an hour to decide what clothes to wear that day, looks for makeup options and then, runs just a few meters to her job. No bosses, no schedule and no greater concern than making strangers on the internet happy is what moves this 25 year old model, colored hair, tattoos that attract attention and a voluptuous body that more than one will dream with.

Milou’s job is basically about pleasing the ones that watch her: the sexier she behaves, the more money she earns. “Being a webcam girl is like being on a reality show, you get online and put on a show for the people that wants to see you, most shows are public but for those who want more, they pay for an exclusive show”, says Milou.

You can have home, car and scholarship without rattling. According to the numbers from Statistics portal in Colombian websites they manage and move eight million pesos per second and more than 100 million pesos a month. And apparently the reality that these girls allow overcomes porn and the men with big dicks and chicks with perfect bodies’ stereotypes that you see in the movies.

Amanda*, another webcam model, and one of the most known on Hende Chat, the website she works for, has accomplished to earn $2000 in only day. Unlike Milou, Amanda* is 180cm tall, slender, small breasts, flat belly and long legs, Helen explains that the chat works with chips (*tokens), the website’s currency equivalent to 5 cents, and Amanda gets from 6 tokens per minute in public shows, up to 500 in private shows. That means that she can earn from 30 cents up to 25 dollars per minute. In a fraction of a day, she earns more than the minimum wage. “The first days I earned nothing, but there’s always someone that pays for it, your name starts to grow and the costumers are more and more each day. I charge 90 chips (*tokens) per minute for a private show”

On the other hand “Daniel”, head of a Colombian model agency, ensures that a professional camgirl recognized for its shows can earn around 6 thousand dollars a month, while a novice can earn 2 thousand dollars with patience.

What kinds of women are camgirls? As the head of one of these agencies “Daniel” ensures that they are average women, that take the bus or the train, they go to the mall and college. There is no a beauty standard: “there are voluptuous women, slender, fat, some less than others, some with perfect bodies, some tattooed”… They are so independent and open-minded that some of them have emancipated, and set up in their own business.

Full article in the online magazine Shock, titled “Webcam Models, the cabarets of the 21st century”.

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