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Funny camgirls stories



Funny camgirls stories

Becoming a webcamgirl is a big step, not everything is as easy as it looks, but in many cases is a lot of fun. Some professional camgirls around the world told AWNews the funniest stories about their artistic experience with videochat users. And today we tell you all about it:

Selena Martínez:

“A member from France wanted to teach me a couple of French words. All this happened at the end of a long day, so my condition to learn a new language was almost null. However, I have always said that every experience is a good experience, so after a few failed attempts, he told me to turn around, hit myself (because I was such a bad girl) and shout “cou-cou- Roo “with my best French accent. At first I thought he was joking, but he insisted, so I did it laughing so hard shouting “cou-cou-roo” that I fell out of bed.”


Eva Devine:

“I have funny experiences every day. I also have some great people coming to my private room. One of them is a college boy who just moved into a new home, after living with his mom for a while. I have to teach him how to do laundry, cook and we had a session where I taught him how to fold towels and his clothes. I showed him how to do it step by step, and I congratulate him for his impeccable results, “says Devine.

Sophie Davis:

“I have a member who works as a personal trainer. When we go to the private chat he asks me to do all kinds of physical training and I start running around the place. It’s quite exhausting, but I take the best of it, it keeps me in good shape. “

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Angel Devious:

“A guy asked me if I had a hairbrush. ​​I said “yes, who doesn´t? “I showed him the hairbrush and i was so curious to know what he wanted me to do with it; he said he loves the United States and boobs. I said “Okay, good for you, I’m happy that you’re a true patriot.” And then he asked me to slap myself and sing the national anthem, I cried with laughter and, of course, I destroyed his national anthem when i sang it.”



“Once in a private show a member told me that he was a big Tom & Jerry fan. Yes, the cartoons. And he wanted to to do some role-playing. So I had to act like Jerry and hide under the sheets or in the corners, make the scratching noises and hit myself on things while he tried to find me”. 

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