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How to deal with bullying?



How to deal with bullying?

Being a victim of bullying is a situation that can affect people no matter their age, class or profession. Bullying is the physical or psychological abuse that one person can exert over another repeatedly, and camgirls are not the exception to this social reality.

A camgirl who feels threatened, can lose her sense of security, strength and happiness. The attacks can come from different places, including: disrespectful users or known and malicious people. So in this post we offer you some tips to deal with this situation.

Avoiding your attacker

If you know the person who harasses you and you’re aware about that you can find him/her, take an alternative route to avoid contact with her/him, and try to be with trusted people in doing so. If the abuser is a chat user, after talking and trying to mediate, you can take the decision to block it. You are the only one who sets the rules in your room.

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Ignore insults

It is hard to ignore insults, rumors and comments, but if you show no signs of harm, then the stalker will lose power and confidence. If she/he does not stop, you can fill a complaint with your country authorities. For this, you have to collect harassment evidence, witnesses or messages sent to you by this person.

On the other hand, if this person is a one of your room’s member, you can silence it so you can continue with your show.

Do not react

Bullies only hurt others to make them feel negative, so some are willing to post your shows pictures or try to blackmail you to minimize you. Demonstrating that this person can’t hurt you will make you look stronger. If instead you yield to the pressure of the abuser, the abuser will feel satisfied and will keep the harassment over you.

Don’t lose control of yourself

Being aggressive can lead to physical bullying and to crumble in front of them will make you feel that they can harm you. Try to be civilized when you deal with their insults, be confident and happy.

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Tell someone your feelings

If you’re not close to a specialist when feelings overwhelm you, talk to a family member or with friend who has always been there for you in your career. Although that friend can not solve the problem, it can help you deal with it, but do not forget to get help from specialists and report the harassment.


Look for something constructive to do. Doing something keep your mind away from bullying always helps.

Relieve the stress. Hit a pillow, exercise, do yoga, and other relaxation exercise techniques can help you relieve yourself and reduce stress.

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