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Make $25,000 in a second


Make $25,000 in a second

Token websites have infinite possibilities against other webcam sites that focus the client’s attention only to private shows. A model who is nice in the free room, and that with time has built a solid and kind relationship with her members, will have a high chance to enjoy the gratitude and love of her clients who show their affection through tips. Their way to get attention and “scream their love” to their model is giving very generous donations through tips. On the picture below a model on MyFreeCams gets a 500,000 tokens tip that equates to $25,000. Getting to these amounts is not done not just through sex and private shows. You get there through hard work in which the model treats her client nicely, making him feel special and entertaining him above and beyond just sex. Here a model is a friend, a comedian, an artist, and fun, creative, talkative and sexy. It’s the only way to make $25,000 in a second.


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