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Top 5 Sextoys

You can’t go to school without books! And based on that premise, and from a very good source we know, that a lot of webcam models (not all) use her natural methods to conquer its audience, but also have “secrets tricks”, using gadgets specially designed to visually satisfy your audience wishes in webcam session. Many of these devices use to be seen as “taboo” for some people, but inside the webcam world are an effective tool of work, exponentially improving your notoriety within the industry.

You may wonder: Which toys should I use in my show? Well, the answer is simple … Whatever you want, as long as you feel comfortable, happy and really enjoy using it, everything will be fine for you and for your thousands viewers. Let’s quickly see the 5 favorite webcam models toys

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The Dildo

The weapon of choice. The dildo from its beginnings has been recognized as an infallible piece to female pleasure. Since  early 1900’s, it represents one of most used tools by women; and of course, webcam models. Attach it to your personal toys selection and enjoy a super-satisfying work session. In this days, the models prefer those made in acrylic and soft materials (such as silicon) for convenience, however, there are some others made of little more resistant and not flexible materials. Everything is about your preference.

Ben wa

Ben Wa Balls

Or better known as the “Chinese Balls of Love”, are an gadget, used by the ancient China to develop the female sexual organ pelvic-muscle movement, getting contractions as a natural reflection of women in intimacy. They are used by many women worldwide, and over the years new and better versions of the same toy have been developed : Vibrating balls, Resistant to cold / heat temperatures, among other attributes. Use them in your room … you will feel your audience “delirious” with your show.

Body oils

There is nothing more stimulating on the planet for a man’s eyes, than a woman performing a sensually flirting routine for him, but if we add an oily and bright body to the rhythm of soft music and suggestive caresses, you will notice the effects are even more explosive. Using oils, lotions and other products can be the spark that starts a flare in your visitors. Create  a good “seduction night” for your audience, but do not forget to take your best oil so you can see the results for yourself.

Vibrating rings

A new and recognized weapon within the arsenal you can use in your shows is without a doubt the vibrator ring. It is a small device that fits perfectly on your fingers or on any other assistant you want to use, it can stimulate the most sensitive areas of your body by vibrations. It is easy to use, and not requires so much handling. Ideal for those shows where you want to allow your audience observe everything without obstructions.

Erotic Costumes

We’ve discussed it in previous articles … Nothing more surprising than a thematic show! Our beloved webcam models are pioneers in wearing costumes to blow up the imagination of their viewers, they even complement the room decoration to par with their costumes. A sexy nurse, a spectacular secretary or “get the things right” with an exuberant police woman; are a small part of the whole range of roles that a webcam model can play in her shows.

There are still a huge number of toys to discover and put into practice, but we want you to keep these five in memory, and then open the gates to any other you want to try and surprise your delighted audience. Are you ready to try them out?


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