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Webcams of the Future


Webcams of the Future

Webcams of the future will be completely different from the ones we have today. With rampant technological advances we can project multiple scenarios for webcam modeling. Going with as much as I know of technology I can share with you imaginary scenarios of the future, maybe too fantastic and even a bit excessive, but in the virtual world, anything can happen:

  • Virtual or Augmented Reality Goggles: Product’s like Google Glass, Microsoft’s Hololens or the Oculus Rift are just a few names in a blooming market where companies like Sony, HTC and Samsung are already starting to compete. The reason: Tehcnology is trending towards the consumption of streaming, making video, audio, movies, news, social media and others in the realm of 360 degree views, and soon surely in 3D. This is why it’s essential that webcam sites start planning to have technology that allows clients to use Augmented Virtual Reality goggles. Imagine a user on his phone or computer, with an app that allows him to visit a model who has smart cams set up at her home (GoPro style) and that are broadcasting in a panoramic 360-degree view.
  • Smart garments and accessories to wear, hooked to the internet: Watches, bracelets, earrings paired to an app that can easily be toyed with through the smartphone. Other pieces like vibrating panties and massaging bras (that already exist) will give other possibilities for clients to play and enjoy with their models while they are at the movies, walking down the street or with their boyfriend.
  • Smartphones with high screen resolution and bright colors thanks to 4K and AMOLED technologies will give clients the privacy to visit their favorite models wherever they are, hidden from anyone else’s view. This is why websites should be prepared with state-of-the-art webcam software that allows clients to log on to the site from their phones.
  • High-resolution frontside cameras on smartphones along with their high-power processors and software will allow the development of new apps that let the model, from her phone, broadcast her webcam, just as it is happening right now with apps like Periscope and Meerkat, that thanks to the Wowza technology get connected to a server in order to let a person make broadcasts from anywhere.
  • The development of Wowza technology that allows a fluid and crisp streaming onto any device, leaving behind the clunky and obsolete Flash Media Player that almost every webcam site in the world uses and only allows them to be used on a computer. 65% of internet consumption is made through smartphones, 5% through tablets, and the remaining 30% on computers. Media consumption is moving away from computers, resulting in a perfect world for smartphones with 3G and 4G connectivity, allowing both models and clients to broadcast with their phone’s camera with low data consumption due to the quality and speed of data delivery thanks to Wowza.
  • The development of LiFi technology, 100 times faster than WiFi technology with waves that crash against walls and other objects, hampering data transfer. LiFi utilizes light beams that make information travel faster and more efficiently, allowing that every internet connection from the computer and the phone be of better quality for the model. Broadcasts will be Super Ultra HD, with an image clearer than 4K technology.
  • Interactive toys that will be connected through a USB port or Bluetooth designe don 3D printers, with a perfect fit according to the user. A model in Colombia will connect her computer to a 3D-printed penis custom made to his Australian client’s measurements. Her client will enjoy an also 3D-printed vagina, identical to the model’s parts. And through a program or an app, they will make love in real time thanks to the high speed data transfer of the internet connection.
  • Social media is now more than ever a necessary means in the lives of people. Everyone uses them to communicate and interact with family and friends. They are constantly posting, telling everyone what’s going on in their day to day. This is also true for webcam models, who now use their Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as mediums to tell about their lives in real time. And clients, always eager to see information about their favorite models, follow them, post and comment on everything they share. Webcam sites must be prepared to allow this flow of precious information. Preparing chat systems and profiles for sharing social media is paramount. Denying the access and exchange of this information is putting a stranglehold on both models and clients who are living in other times. To not do it is to be stuck in the past, and sooner or later, perish.
  • The internet on things: Smart houses that are connected to the fridge send a list to your phone or smartwatch with the groceries that are missing. The AC system tells you what temperature is the ideal one, and turns itself on or off according to the number of people in the room. TV sets will customize their programming to their user’s mood, tastes and gestures. And, of course, high resolution smart webcams, calibrating contrast and color whether it’s day or night, connected simultaneously to the phone, TV, tablet and/or computer, and updating constantly where the model is, when she’s moving, levels of sweat, heat, excitement, vaginal wetness, broadcasting from every angle and with devices connected to 3D-printed sex toys that the client will be able to manipulate to make love to her anywhere.

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