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What to do with a stalker fan?


What to do with a stalker fan?

Camgirls not only awake excitement on users, they also awake deep passions, friendship, tenderness and even family relationships with the followers. But what happens when an user falls in love with a camgirl and is rejected by her? he may continue following the camgirl, get away or become a stalker.

To say that “there’s a thin line between love and hate ” is perhaps what happens to some fans, even knowing that a young woman is there only to entertain him through erotic art, play or please and not for romance, he won’t rest until friendship becomes love, and when it doesn’t happen, that love becomes quickly an obsession


This is the camgirl’s story whom I will call “Andrea“, she became a good friend with a user, who got her confidence and even her personal details, but he misinterpreted that friendship and when he felt rejected he started bombarding her, bullying her, even engaging in psychological harassment and threats.

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Every day, this “user in love” was dedicated to writing denigrating messages and threats again and again to tell Andrea’s family and friends about her identity on camera. He even intended to expose this young woman by posting photos on her personal networks.


What to do?

  1. When we find ourselves in such situations, the first thing is to stay calm and get reliable help.
  2. Keep records of the harassment, try to get his name or nickname from the page you work
  3. Send an email with all this data to the tokens page or private you work detailing your case, attaching your proof (screenshots, messages) and the follower nickname, he will probably be banned.
  4. If you have all your evidence, audios, photos, you can go to the Police’s Office and report it. You can do this only if you are blackmailed or harassing.
  5. If this person is posting your photos and videos on social networks, you probably should deactivate them and report to network’s administrators (Twitter or Instagram) every post he made. You can use another account to get it
  6. Talk about it to other page users, explain the situation so they can help you defend yourself from this stalker if he enters your chat room or wants to insult you
  7. Be cold and calculating. You must act normal, because if this person notices that he affects you, he will increase his pressure on you to collapse.
  8. Keep calm so you can think better
  9. Change passwords, block this user and minimize contact.

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This may affect you and you may feel violated, but it is important that you do not give in to harassment and panic. Take control of the situation and make a good learning experience from this.

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