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Chaturbate highest “tips”


Chaturbate highest “tips”

We recently reviewed some interesting data in the world of webcam models, specifically those working under the banner of Chaturbate, and we could see something surprising. There are models with an audience who can leave you open-mouthed with their generosity … Yes, ladies! We are talking about that in just a matter of seconds, an unknown member of your audience could give you a whopping $ 12,000 USD Can you imagine that? Well, we tell you that it’s completely possible!

An average model can receive between 100 and 1000 tokens per Chaturbate user in a current work session. This means that a well positioned model in this platform could make a lot of money, without losing sight of the constant evolution that a webcam model must have within this business; as long as you become more attractive to your audience, more new members will join your room and you will become even more famous.

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But in this case, we will talk about 2 of the most “lucky” models that currently score as the “most rewarded” on this website, where thousands of models connect daily to serve millions of users around the world. Let’s review with pictures The highest tips of the famous Chaturbate. Let’s see!:



This super nice blonde, famous for her creativity inside the room and her majestic fit body, got a huge sum of money in two of her most remembered sessions. One of his visitors , surprisingly gave her 130,000 Tokens! ($ 6,500 USD) And of course, She did not hesitate to thank the unknown visitor for her contribution.



Then in another of her sessions he had a generous spectator, which gave her for her show a similar amount to the previous one …. 169,169 Tokens ($ 8,458.45 USD) that of course, made the girl´s day, who is profiled as one of the best professionals in the world of webcam modeling today




This spectacular brunette has been the most rewarded until now, with a bonus of 252,521 Tokens ($ 12,626 USD) that were despatched by one of her most faithful fan . Can you imagine that? Earn an approximate $ 36,700,974 pesos in just a few minutes of your show? This is certainly a great achievement for this beautiful webcam girl, the best of this platform.


As you can see, with a little commitment, discipline, you might receive a surprise in the moment you least expect it. Ready to make lots of money? We know you are. Success!

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