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Things that should never happen on camera if you want to succeed


Things that should never happen on camera if you want to succeed

Mistakes during broadcasts should be avoided to the maximum. We talked to top model Flora Bella about some of the rules that you should follow to be one step closer to success and recognition in the industry. Do not let these situations happen while you are connected.

Be a copycat of the “model that inspired you”

I know that I always recommend looking for inspiration in the website you are going to be working on. Many models are flattered by this, but when you start to do everything exactly the same: clothes, room, topics, hairstyle, photos and even the name. That stops being flattering and starts affecting your work.


It is important that you learn to set yourself apart from other camgirls with your own personality, without having to copy someone else, because what may work that model may not work for you. Being the exact copy of another model does not look good and you will not feel comfortable. Everything is a process and little by little you are going to find your true self.

 Do not be in a hurry to do a show

There is nothing more boring than doing a show just for the sake of it. Although it is true that sometimes there are users who push you to do it, it is also true that 70% of them want to have a good time. You can give them a more meaningful experience than just using a dildo.

How to make your show last longer? You must learn to master the foreplay. You don’t need to go “crazy” with your dildo, play with the rhythm. Fast and slow. For example, two minutes of soft dildo, then try something with your hands. It is a game of seduction, not the game of the wild dildo.

With this advice I guarantee that you will not only entertain your audience, but you will also enjoy it a lot more because it will help you discover yourself.

 Do Close ups, but not 90% of the time

Clearly the Close up is very exciting. But for users it becomes very boring to see a woman with her legs open every day, in the same place for 5 hours straight. By doing this, you will only get the attention of the least wanted type of follower.


You should not focus all the attention on your private area. A dance is an erotic and very suggestive, but at the same, fun way to entertain. Also smile, send kisses, be feminine, and play with your hair. Remember that, just as in real life, there should be some flirting before the sex.

 Speaking in Spanish

Yeah, I know you’re thinking, it’s crazy but it’s important. When you give a show to a Spanish and English speaking audience, speaking in Spanish could be fun and even be sexy if you do it with your users during your performance.

Explaining in Spanish what you do on your show is valid, but talking on the phone with your roommate or even your family will not help you in any way. You will even put your privacy at risk.

 Eating in front of the camera

This has been discussed many times before. I understand that sometimes there are long days, where you cannot stop your show to grab a bite. This is why you should eat a proper meal before starting to work so you can avoid anxiety and thus be able to meet your connection schedule.

Having snacks on hand is a good strategy: peanuts, fruits, tea or water. If you are wearing your finest lingerie and you start eating a hamburger, trust me, you will not project the image you want.

If the website where you work allows you to eat, you can make a slumber party with your friends, accompanied by a movie and a good pizza. But eating tamales, pasta, fried chicken or other messy foods, is not a good idea. It is best to avoid them at all costs because surely some troll will not miss the opportunity to take a screenshot while you eat.

Drinking alcohol

Certain websites allow camgirls to drink alcohol. If this is your case, you should know very well how do you behave when you had a couple of drinks? Sometimes, alcohol can generate havoc in your show and what you thought it would be a fun night, ends up becoming a drama because you did not control yourself, started to insult everyone, ended up whining because you were depressed, didn’t even know in which planet you were and even revealed your real name.


Remember that you are in front of a camera and people can have fun. But you should know when to stop and not become the camgirl that shows the worst of herself when she drinks too much.

 If you make a promise, you must keep it!

The best way to damage your relationship with a good user is to promise him something that you don’t intent to keep. If you want to damage your reputation as a camgirl, I encourage you to follow this path.

 To beg for tips

“No tip no show”, “Tip me more, more guys, more or l stop”. “Please tip me please!” These are some of the most common phrases within Latin chat rooms.

This is a bad habit for camgirls. So how do you get tips? Obviously not by begging, and if you do get them it is because you project pity and they will give you very little. Remember that you get what you give.

 Exaggerate gestures and moans

Oh baby, baby give more OH BABY!” It’s very funny to hear models who don’t speak English say that kind of thing. If a top model with experience and knowledge of the language could find herself in this situation, imagine a girl who does not know how to even pronounce it properly.


Try saying things like the name of the user that is with you on the show. Also you could say something like “Yes!” And when you really feel it and sincerely mean it you could say: “I like it that was incredible”. These are normal words that will not demand too much, they sound good and natural. And also, please stop making that noise as if something hurt you or burnt you while you pretend to be dying of pleasure.

 Be consistent with your topics

This is the golden tip. Not only will it exploit your creativity, but it will also save you energy when it comes to making a show, and at the same time it will keep the well-being of your private area. It’s a very common mistake. For example, the model requests a certain amount of tokens for a sexual show and she hasn’t been ten minutes in when she is already using the dildo, for someone who only gave 5% of the tips total.

What happens when the topic is completed? You will do it reluctantly because you were wearing out your body for 4 hours before making it to the big show. So what do you do to keep them entertained? Divide your daily goal into several mini-shows to complete the big goal. Games, dances, videos, challenges, anything but using a dildo, little things to have fun and be sensual to keep your audience eager for more.

Using a dildo before the main show only ensures that you become a 100% a sexual object. In addition you do not let your personality show and that makes your work lose its value.

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