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10 success tips for Webcam models



10 success tips for Webcam models

Competition in the industry is wide. Models that start their webcam career don’t have a guaranteed success and must take the road that many others have taken before them. Climb levels and move from being new model to be part of a group of top webcam models with thousands of followers is the usual path but this is not something that happens overnight.

For this article, I spoke with Klaus Shneemilch, an expert in the online adult entertainment industry and Alejandra Vélez webcam model with two years of experience on Chaturbate. He will give us some important tips to help you make progress on the road to become a professional model. 


1. Webcam modeling goes beyond online time:

To be successful, pre and post production are essential. It takes several hours a day for your physical and intellectual training. Plan your goals for every session, choose the right costumes, work camera angles, makeup, social media, and after the show always talk to your members. It is something tremendous important that hardens bonds of friendship.

2. Prepare yourself physically:

For Klaus Shneemilch, a model could practice: Pilates, dance, indoor and outdoor exercise. All webcam models show on camera their face as well as their body. Presenting a well-groomed and build body is very important when it comes to live webcam performance. It is necessary to do exercise and have a beauty routines according to the needs of each model.


3. Learn English:

The study of the English language is important according to Alejandra Velez, a model with two years of experience: “One key element for being a successful webcam model is the total ability to communicate in English.”

“How can you be successful if you cannot communicate? English is in my opinion more important than beauty, “says Shneemilch. Although there are many users who speak Spanish, it is estimated that the largest number of users come from English-speaking countries.

4. Planning:

Having a balance between the activities a model can perform is very important in order to achieve goals. It is essential for a model to prepare her work schedule in a way she can enjoy her profession and personal life.

5. Maintain your online presence:

Having a presence on the internet is extremely important. A webcam model need to commit some time to social media and to the website she’s started on.

Klaus tells us that the best way to keep online presence is by: “Being a thoughtful webcam model, who does their best physically and intellectually with new shows and makes correct use of social networks. If you don´t innovate you are doomed to extinction. “


6. Passion:

“Love what you do, feel proud to be a webcam model, always be available to users, transmit positive energy, attract them with a beautiful smile and dominate them with seduction. Be a person with manners, kind and teach other people how to treat someone”, says model Alejandra Vélez. 

7. Working schedule:

A successful webcam model, says Shneemilch, should invest about six hours a day. Without counting the time that she must devote for training and beauty routines essential for being a webcam model.

8. Business Skills:

To succeed and expand their business a model can sell her own photos and videos on many pages dedicated to this industry or she can build a website. The way of doing business with digital content is very important, it will project yourself on the internet.

“You should create promotions, advertising trailers, make good use of your social networks, and promote on-site and with your friends. As well as rewarding the top members” says Shneemilch.

9. Manage your finances:

About financial management, Shneemilch states that a model must be “like an intelligent banker, setting small goals and investing in education. It’s a job that will not last a lifetime, save 30% of your income and buy a house “.

10. More than money:

One of the most important tips provided by our experts is to innovate and enjoy the work is done. He say, if models work only for the money they will not be able to go far, but if there is passion and affection for the work the money will come by itself.

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