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Cosmetic Surgery: Is it a good idea to have a little touch up?


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Cosmetic Surgery: Is it a good idea to have a little touch up?

Every day the number of women seeking to improve their appearance, with the help of the scalpel increases. We spoke with Lina Triana, a plastic surgeon with more than ten years of experience, about the new trends and aesthetic procedures that Colombians prefer.

What is your role in Colombian society as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon?

I love that question! Since the war, surgeons have being responsible for saving lives. But the soldiers cover their disfigured faces and other traumatic wounds. Over the years, and with the help of technology, surgeons are playing a key role in society by improving our patients quality of life.

As everything in excess is bad, unlimited reconstructions as well. Therefore, each doctor is listening to his patients to know what the real need is beyond the aesthetic. My role is to listen and guide my patient to help him have a better quality of life.


Doctor Lina Triana

What are the three plastic surgeries most often performed on Colombian women?

There is not much difference between the world figures and those of Colombia. In the first place is the liposculpture, secondly the breast augmentation and finally the abdominoplasty.

Why do you think this is?

We enjoy a tropical weather, we are happy, we like to show ourselves, we have natural curves. It’s our anatomy. That always leads us to pursue a harmonious body.

Why is important to keep a natural look in plastic surgery procedures?

It is important to keep body harmony. It is not okay to have an enormous bust that disrupts your balance. It is necessary to have a natural look in each zone and thanks to the technological developments, we are achieving it in all of our procedures. Physical disproportion due to cosmetic procedures causes visual displeasure and in the long run ends up even displeasing the patient.


What is the most innovative surgical procedure today?

Internal and external vaginal plastic surgery. It is a procedure that significantly improves the appearance and muscular part of the female genitalia.

What are temporary aesthetic procedures?

They are short-recovery, less invasive interventions. But its effects are shortlived, not permanent. For example, breast augmentation with saline water. It is a slight increase, nothing major and temporary.

The use of devices specialized in cellulite and surplus skin. Facial touch ups like the facelift, a procedure that is responsible for improving the look of the face, and filling the area evenly.

Finally, there is a procedure where blood is drawn from the patient. The plasma is remove from the blood and injected into the patient to activate collagen. In this way is achieved facial rejuvenation.


Do you think that conventional surgery could be displaced?

That will not happen. For example, if a patient has several options such as a radio-frequency treatment, but the problem goes beyond the superficial, and the tissue or muscle has lost firmness. A surgeon have to perform an internal reconstruction or reaffirmation. In that case the patient must go into the operating room.

Do you think that in Colombia there is still a taboo for plastic surgeries?

Not at all, we have been positioned among other countries as specialists in cosmetic surgery. Colombians are curvy and we like to show and tell others about the touch ups we had with pride. There is no taboo at all.

How do you choose a certified surgeon?

There are four fundamental pillars that must be taken into account before opting for plastic surgery to prevent something from going wrong. The first thing is to know who will do the procedure, and how many years of experience does he have. Ideally a specialist should have 4 to 5 years of studies, training and exclusive dedication to surgery. Check that the place where the operation will take place is endorsed and has the permits of the Ministry of Health. You should also take the relevant tests according to the procedure so you know how your health is. Finally, you should follow a surgical plan, where you will be listened and examined until you reach body awareness and thus know what type of procedure is appropriate for you.

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