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5 symptoms that indicate that you do not drink enough water


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5 symptoms that indicate that you do not drink enough water

Imagine that you are streaming and suddenly you start to feeling uncomfortable or dizzy and in a second you lose your libido. Yes, its gone, it did not come back and you must continue or will lose the tokens. You resume your routine but deep down inside you know that you did not feel well. After finishing your routine you drink a glass of water, covering the dehydration that you were not aware of.

Examples like this are more common than you think, happens in every aspect of life and still were not aware about how important drinking water really is, its contribution and the results of not drinking it with the necessary frequency.

There are consequences that we all know about not drinking water such as constipation, premature aging and difficulty in losing weight. But there are other symptoms that your body presents and that in most of the cases we do not know:

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  • Sleepy all day: the lack of water in your body makes you feel tired, with fatigue linked to anemia. In many cases, you just want lay in your bed but you’re full of obligations, so you drink several cups of coffee and it turns out that your body is crying out for water so in that moment the organism itself starts to “take water” from the blood and that’s why you feel exhausted
  • Dry eyes: Dry or red eyes are symptoms of bad hydration.
  • Eye bags: in this case and in the webcam world, camgirls are usually very careful about their face look, however the first option is using either some creams or homemade recipes but the best for remove eye bags is an adequate water consumption. Otherwise, if it persists you should see a specialist because it may be associated with liver or kidneys deficiencies.
  • Cracked lips: Dry lips are dehydration sign. Probably you’ll drink soda or another cold drink, but they only act for a moment covering the mouth and lips with liquid but not moisturizing them.
  • Bone pain: specifically on the knee, those joints are 80% water, that’s why it is necessary to keep your body properly  hydrated so your knees can resist sudden blows.

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It is important to emphasize that to keep yourself attractive to your followers your skin must be hydrated. That is the body´s natural reaction, that even if you dont notice it, your fans surely will, and much more on the screen, where you are exposed when you appear in HD format.

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