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Sexy stockings for your show? An explosion of sensuality

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Sexy stockings for your show? An explosion of sensuality

The pantyhose, is the right accessory for any camgirl,  besides being sensual, it manages to be a piece that allows you to play for some time while you raise the temperature for your fans.

The pantyhose, has been used for about 200 years before Christ, but it was not until the medieval time that it managed to occupy a determining position in the wardrobe of men. In those days, whole socks indicated a gentlemans social position, reason why a prince managed to have up to 8 pairs of silk, whereas a plebeian (poor) only had a pair and fabric with ordinary threads.

It was not until the eighteenth century (18) that the women adopted this garment and incorporated it as a protective measure for shoes that mistreated her feet. However, between the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century (19), in France social controversy arose when the Can-Can dancers appear in pantyhose with garters and lush corset that provoked men in their dreamy Mouling Rouge.

This controversy was born, because at the time the women used the stockings with suspenders but only in the intimacy, therefore it was not acceptable by the elitist social circles that a woman was exposed publicly. And although in those days it was already a garment sensually seen, it did not have so many details always looking simple and in basic colors, until the 90s.

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From the year 2000 the industry reinvented the use of pantyhose, bringing it back to the market with new prints, a wide range of customers and public figures who used them with personalized details.

Which ones can you use for your show?

Currently there is a very wide diversity of models ranging from texture, lenght, colors, prints.

  • The traditional with combinations: although they exist from the time of your grandmother, there are models who know how to bring them to a burst of sensuality.

  • The tender ones: those angelical models are also able to awaken any loose little devil. This model with a white manly blouse will work wonders.

  • Electric colors: although there are still colors that are recycled from the 80’s like the pink chewing gum type is one of the most bought nowadays.

  • Lace: what model has put on som lace stockings and has fail to win some tokens on her show? None, you know that the only intention of the stockings is that your fans feel that you can remove them with your teeth.

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Remember that you are beautiful and sensual. To be the best camgirl you just need to reinvent yourself every day.

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