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What is the strangest thing your followers have asked for?



What is the strangest thing your followers have asked for?

In the world of webcamgirls everything is possible. They never lack strange requests from their followers. Some are easy to bring to reality and others impossible to carry out, but how willing are they to please their users? Here are some unforgettable stories.

Eva Potter:

 “A user asked me to put a condom on my head.”

She says, laughing, that this happened to her when she was just starting out as a model. She respectfully told the user, with a lot of respect, that she did not do that kind of thing: “That I decided what to do and what not to do at my shows, and that this did not seem right.” 


Jenny Taborda:

“He asked me to put on a pair of pajamas, model them, and then hide in the closet. I decided to do it. I put on my pajamas shorts and walked like I was on a catwalk. I did not do the closet thing because I did not have one “.

Jenny recalls that her fan was very excited: “he just said nice things to me, he was delighted.”

  Alejandra Vélez:

“I have a user who asks me for videos dressed like a schoolgirl, a spy, a doctor and countless other characters. In each video, He describe a scene where I am attacked by zombies. I would think he wants to be a creative director in bloody horror movies.

 I love this user very much because he is someone affectionate and authentic, who gives me positive things when I talk to him.

He always wants to see the zombies attack my stomach. I love my role as an actress and I think Hollywood is expecting a zombie movie where I’m attacked. “



 “Once a follower asked me to tickle my feet with a hairbrush and I laughed out loud. It was very funny. I stared at the screen and started to do it. It really made me laugh because I’m very ticklish.

 ” Another day a fan asked her to use her bat as a sex toy, in a cosplay show she was doing as Harley Quinn. “I was pale, stiff, I had a scary face. I was looking at the screen. Then I look at the bat and put it aside … I did not do it, but I think he had a fetish for big objects”

 Kylie Baxton:

 “Once a follower asked me to drool on my hand and other asked me to burp. But I do not do these type of things because they do not go with my personality”.

When a camgirl is new, some followers may want to know how far she would go in her show. But the camgirls know that they always have control and guide their fans to more sensual and creative options.


 “A follower who asked to be my slave, which was the weirdest thing.” She says that it was very interesting to know that she had a slave who would do whatever she wanted. From kneeling to punishing himself with a spanking.

 “When I started out as a model, I did not know how to use the Hitachi so I came very fast. It was so funny because I got scared and I felt pleasure at the same time. I had never felt such a vibration.

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