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Men are also webcam models!


Men are also webcam models!

It is estimated that in Colombia there are about 3,000 men in the webcam industry. We talked to Austin Ocean and SteveFORDinc, two models with a successful careers. These have been their experiences

For Austin Ocean, a model for six months, nothing has been easy. Ocean, says that during his career on webcam, he has never suffered discrimination.


He commented cheerfully “the success of this is the variety of tastes. I have a particular proverb about the physical appearance … “the ugly ones also have a thing”, if you are there someone is going to notice that thing that you have, that makes you unique”. 

Also, Steve Ford explains that he has never been singled out or discriminated against because of his work “I’ve noticed that when I spoke with people about what I do, they take it very well. I think I’m always surrounded by open-minded people. That’s the way I am, for the moment it has not happened to me and if it does, who cares! In the same way I will continue to do it with pleasure, the most important people in my life already know, that is enough for me,” says Ford, who is also known as The Hot Office on webcam.

The profile of his users

Austin notes, those who visit him, the public is diverse both men and women visit the page in search for a male show.

He explains, it goes from adult men of different sexual tendencies, as well as girls “I get visits from very young girls, that surprises me. Young men also visit me and in some cases adult men who like me, not so much for the sexual connexion but just for sharing

Ford, however, admits that the profile and nationality of its daily fans varies “I have visitors from United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, and Romania and all over the world. About 60% are men 37% women and the rest are couples“.

He says that there are men who have asked him about his sexual orientation and that he has no problem answering that he is heterosexual and that he is comfortable with the male and female audience.


 Preparation as models

 A common cause that differentiates male models is that their physical preparation should not be as rigorous and dedicated as is for a female model. Of course, it is always a good practice to exercise, which is highly recommended.

 However, for Austin Ocean, the preparation should be more oriented towards the intellectual, to know what to say, to have general knowledge and above all, the need to know the English language, as well as a good attitude and a healthy diet.

The most frequent request

Steve Ford said, with seven months in the industry, explains that he gets different kinds of requests “I’m still new to the business, I regularly stretch my muscles, flex my biceps, strip. Very delicately I give myself pleasure, this is what the viewers want. My personal idea is to please my viewers with what they want to see and hear. Also what they want me to do and feel through my postures, gestures and sounds without leaving behind a dose of “dirty chat”.


 Just as in female modeling there is a hard competition, male models also exist. Ocean says, “The number of people who see us is increasing, competition is strong, but this does not mean that it is Impossible to win a place among the best”.

Tips to be a good webcam male model

Fun. Read the blog there are very useful tips there, dance naked in front of a mirror. This is an exercise to be more confident of yourself. Love the webcam “.

 Discipline and perseverance: These two are very important for this work, you have to fight to overcome obstacles and grow. Austin explains, who also states that the rest of the things are gradually met. “Believe in your style … be true to your style, whatever you want to be. Love yourself and you will glow. And from there to success. “

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