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Esperanza Gómez opens her own webcam studio

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Esperanza Gómez opens her own webcam studio

Esperanza Gómez started a successful career 8 years ago in the pornography world and in such a short time managed to become one of the most important sex symbols in Latin America. Nevertheless she debuted like a model from a very young age and after barely 7 years she took her first steps that would lead her to win Miss Playboy TV Colombia in 2006.

A constant dedication to work over the last decade has been innumerable times recognized by national and international media, but one of the greatest satisfactions is to see her 447 thousand Twitter followers and 1’100.000 Facebook fans who share her daily life.

Her recents recognitions place her as the number one pornographic actress in Latin America and the seventh worldwide with 181 million hits. Her experience makes her an authority in the adult entertainment world. This extensive knowledge has led her to make the decisions to start as a business-woman in the webcam modeling world.

Now Esperanza Gómez, the woman who loves animals and declares when she received the Miss Playboy that “beauty should not be only physical but also interior”, tell us about that interior of businesswoman who now flourishes in one of the highest points of her life and inside the company of one of the most important studies of Colombia for webcam modeling, hopes to consolidate as one of her best bets.

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For Esperanza one of the great impulses received to make this decision to initiate a webcam study, in collaboration with AJ Studios, was her LALEXPO participation, the most important venues of Latin America in the worldwide webcam industry. It was there where she initially contacted AJ Studios, Juan Bedoya Group and executives of pages like Chaturbate and Livejasmin.

She tells us: “Incursing in the modeling webcam part comes from my facet as business-woman where I saw a growing and profitable industry. Also is part of the industry in which I have developed throughout my life”.


LALEXPO has become a place for transforming lives , I´m not the first model that after attending this event, comes with new perspectives that lead to the success for their careers or consolidation, this is the same as Esperanza Gomez case. A new friendship with AJ Studios was born from this event that brings friends together from the adult entertainment world, starting with maybe the cornerstone of all business relationship, trust. Trust has been “the sponsor”  of many and growing success stories in the webcam modeling world.

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AJ Studios hopes to take advantage of Esperanza’s experience, experience and global recognition to boost the webcam industry: “As she is one of the main divas in our country and with her talent, we hope she is a very important strategic partner in the Growth of our company, “they say.

We are now facing a new Esperanza Gómez facet, not only in the videos production business, but also in the new innovative proposals that we hope create from this alliance, for which one of our main objectives will be to maintain worldwide attention in of The Colombian women beauty.

The models selected for this new project, will enjoy some benefits such as monthly trainings, activities with Esperanza and social events.

Esperanza Gómez has also planned to perform monthly shows to have more contact with the audience that follows her, so in this way like many other porn stars who starts webcam modeling also to interact with their public and please even more fans.

Let’s not forget that Esperanza did her first show a few months with Top Model SofiaLaren, whose experience allowed her to better understand the dynamics of webcam modeling.

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The main “ Diamond Girls Studio” objective is “innovate and offer something new to the industry and to potential Colombian models. The plan is to be characterized by high profile models, glamour, high quality content, excellent facilities, and highly qualified bilingual staff to support the models. “


The new alliance between AJ Studios and Esperanza Gómez that materializes as “ Diamond Girls Studio” is projected as one of the main referents in the webcam modeling industry. It begins the polish and brightness to become a great diamond that shines from Colombia to the world.

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