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I am a victim of an emotional predator: What should I do?

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I am a victim of an emotional predator: What should I do?

If you are experiencing emotional harassment, bullying or persecution by some friend, ex-partner or obsessed fan then we will explain every steps that you must follow to handle the situation, to control your emotions and to move on.

It is normal that your attitudes as an emotional predator victim is defending yourself using the same procedures used by your aggressor to counterattack, but you must know that it is a null act, you won’t get anything positive by doing this. Not only because you as a victim are totally different from your aggressor, but because it could disable your ability to react, at least temporarily.

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Taking this path is not at all advisable. Therefore, we will try to point some advices on how to act in front of an emotional predator. The first thing you must do is keep your family informed about the situation, and even the police if the aggressor is from your country.

Identify the emotional harassment process

The aggressor will always make you feel that you have a responsibility and he will try to make you feel guilt, he will try to make you think that the situation was provoked by you. You must let that guilt feelings go, visualizing that the aggressor could go from friendly and lovely to someone who could hurt you.

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You should know that when you decide to end up the conflict, you will cause a higher violence level in the aggressor and he will make mistakes ruining any plan against you. With psychological help, the whole process will become easier for you.

Stop justifying

It is important to keep in mind that the aggressor will make you feel like you’re the problem source, but it just an excuse to weaken you and his lies may make him stronger.

The perpetrator will always use your “weak spots”, if your case happens after a breakup, you have to know that the harassment process usually is by phone or letters, delivered at home or work and may present offensive content , So we recommend you to at least change your number.

Do something

As your mental-process progresses and you become stronger and resilient, you can change strategy and act firmly, with no fear about conflict.

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Hang in there

It is important to know that to resist the mental stress you must have psychological support, with the capacity to get back the confidence that you may lose during the conflict.

Justice involved

You may feel that involving the police will make the conflict longer, but it is the right decision if this situation continues.

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