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Interview GemmaLinx from MyFreeCams


Interview GemmaLinx from MyFreeCams

Interview With MyFreeCams and ManyVids Girl GemmaLinx


Interview with Canadian beauty Gemma Linx. Gemma Linx is a ManyVids video producer, MyFreeCams model and a camgirl with an impressive following. Gemma Linx discusses how she got into the adult industry, her favorite content to produce and we get to know her a little bit better. Here’s what she has to say:

MV: Gemma, with 30,000 followers on Twitter, it’s safe to say your fanbase is HUGE! Can you tell us a little bit about how you decided to become part of the scene & what your journey to the top was like?

Gemma: I started trying to model about 4 years ago. Haha keyword : “trying”. Where I come from there aren’t many modeling opportunities, and so obviously it wasn’t working out. I had an account on MM though, and I got a msg from some guy saying something like “if you want to make good money, and are ok with nudity, I run this studio for cam girls”, and sent me a link to MyFreeCams. I had no clue what a Cam Girl was, and after watching some of the HOTTEST girls I’d ever seen having a blast while being showered with compliments (and Money),  I decided it was something I wanted to try. I didn’t stick with the studio either. Barely making $50 from my “cut” of the earnings, I was encouraged by one of my first “regular” members to do this completely on my own, and I ended up starting over with a new name.  I never expected to do well. It was just something I did to make a little extra money, and have naughty fun without being in any danger, but its turned into something much better. I wouldn’t have it any other way  

MV: At first glance, you seem like the sweet and innocent type. Watching your vids has proven to show, you’re anything but shy! When you are being filmed, there is no doubt you SHINE! How did you become so comfortable on camera & was it always that way? 

Gemma: NO! Lets just say, I wasn’t the cutest ducky at the pond growing up. I’ve been teased my entire life about they way I look, and for being “weird”, so it took a long time to grow into myself, and I still don’t feel like I’m fully there. It boggles my mind on a daily basis that people want to see me naked, or just want to spend time hanging out. Its like Impostor Syndrome. The first video I shot with a photographer, I cried beforehand because I was so nervous haha. But I gave myself a pep talk, fixed my mascara, and filmed some HOT videos. When I film my own content though, I just don’t think about it. Of course I plan the “idea” behind what I’m going to do, but then I just let it happen organically. I’d consider myself a shy person, but showing off my body isn’t as personal to me as say, expressing a fantasy out loud. That’s a main reason a large portion of my videos don’t involve me talking haha.

MV: We are braver than we think & stronger than we know! Keep being a good example & moving forward. Lets talk a little more about vids, what would you say are your favorite type to record & why?

Gemma: Blowjobs! Haha Seriously. I LOVE giving them. Especially if its a Boy/Girl video. I spent a long time just doing Solo stuff, so having someone with me to share that experience of recording something sexy to show off is really hot to me. Its also much easier to create chemistry with a human, than alone in my room with my toys. 

MV: On your page, you already have 50+ high quality vids to offer & are always uploading new content. So, tell me, what kind of delicious goods can we expect from you next?

Gemma:  I have pages and pages of ideas!! More Boy/Girl for sure (Fuck tease!), a few ‘public’ scenes, and hopefully one day I’ll find a babe who will want to make my first Girl/Girl video with me  One day…..

MV: Can you provide me with a secret about you that nobody knows/would expect?

Gemma: Taxidermy fascinates me, and I’d love to get my license for it.  Also, I’m a lucid dreamer.

MV: Inside OR outside of your career as a cam model, whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done

Gemma: I used to be such a daredevil as a kid. I was always jumping off bridges in the summer, or boating with strangers lol, but I’ve become WAY more cautious now. haha I’d say flying on a plane is pretty crazy, but I’m sure lots would disagree. Its Terrifying though!!

MV: What is your favorite part about being an MV girl? 

Gemma: The community. The staff are incredibly helpful, the girls are so supportive of one another, and the members are always total sweethearts. Its been a blessing to have a place like ManyVids. I’m only sad I didn’t sign up sooner! 

Please finish the following sentences, so our readers can get to know you better:

My favourite color is:  Purple

I spend most of my time: Reading on my phone.

I am most turned on when: My partner tells me how good something I’m doing feels. Even just a moan or deep breath gets me going.

My favorite sex toy is: Hitachi Magic Wand. Its Magical.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is: Brush my teeth.

I am happiest when: I’m with my family.

My favorite food is: Pho.

My favorite hobby is: Reading and Gaming!

I love my fans because: They are the sweetest, funniest, most humble, open minded, and respectful crew I’ve been part of. I feel incredibly lucky to have them in my life, and feel closer to them than I do with most people I grew up with.  They motivate me, and I adore them so much <3

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