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10 mistakes that you should not make while you broadcast


10 mistakes that you should not make while you broadcast

While you are broadcasting you must look after some details not to make the mistake of being a model that does not understand anything in the room or, worse, to look dirty. It is seemingly insignificant although common mistakes are:

  1. Speaking in Spanish: Approximately 80% of the users of the webcam sites are English speaking and as they come from the US, Canada and other European countries have great purchasing power. Spanish speakers are mostly Latino (a minority of Spain) and, therefore, will hardly want to invest in tokens and / or private. For this reason it is best to talk in the room in English, having conversations if you can speak English or writing and reading using the translator if you can´t talk.
  2. Not to use the translator: If English is a language that you don´t know yet or you just started learning, use the translator. If you use Google, you should always have it ready, in order to make it easy for you to copy and paste. It is also VERY IMPORTANT that you spell the words correctly because otherwise the translator will misunderstand what you mean. A translator that works pretty well is QTraslate
  3. Inappropriate loud music: Many models make the mistake (by rebellion or ignorance) of putting the music at full volume, making the users leave the room and no to listen the extremely loud noise, if the songs are rancheras, vallenatos, bachatas or other “latin songs” is worse. If 80% of the customers are English speaking, they will not know this music, so it is advisable to always play in the room pop, rock and other compositions that are in English and that are familiar to visitors. And remember: always with moderated volume.
  4. Do not gossip with the mates: Sometimes the models, with the audio open, scream at each other to tell the gossip about what is happening with the users. A few days ago I heard one saying to another: “This fu** idiot … thinks is romantic saying that he loves me …” and the other answering: “That is the one with the little dick …pretend you are stupid and take all the tokens you can from him … “. Honestly, hearing something like that in the room, what would you think? Would you stay? Would you get a good impression of the model?
  5. Do not yell at relatives: Other models, also with the audio open, are shouting to family members: “Hey, is the food ready? Shut the door, don´t you see I’m working? … Tell that son of a bitch I’m busy.” Exaggeration? Visit the latin models rooms and you will see how often these situations happen. It looks like a nightmare.
  6. Unregistered people should not appear in the camera: Sometimes managers are seen advising the models while they are connected, and if they are men it is worse, exposing themselves to the mockery of the users or, greater problem, that the administrator of the page realize and end up banning the room. It also happens that friends of the model appear in front of the camera just to “chill for a while”. If these people are not registered the risk that the account is permanently closed is very high.
  7. Accepting a private show and attending other site´s free chat: It is common to see models that accept a private but don´t pay attention to their client while his tokens are consuming per minute. For this big mistake models can lose clients who could be unconditional and when they are left unattended they go to other rooms where they find the attention they deserve.
  8. Appearing in a disheveled and disheveled camera: You see models with supremely disorganized rooms, lying on the sofa or bed, sitting in a not sexy way, sometimes with legs open with the worst angles, expressing “I’m hot, let’s Private … tips tips tips “. Being dressed in an elegant and beautiful way, with the room properly decorated, and modeling the best flirtatious angles that highlight your natural beauty is more appropriate.
  9. Turn off the music at the right time: During a private show the music to brighten the moment while you take off your clothes and flirting is fine; However, at the moment when you start touching yourself with fingers or toys, it is important to leave everything in silence so that all that is heard is the friction of your organ and your murmur, giving more sensuality to your show.
  10. Turn off the TV: You see models that while working instead of watching the computer screen are watching the TV, with the audio open so users hear about the novel or the movie passing, and they accept private pretending to be “hot” when in fact they are watching the news. I recently observed a model that accepted a private while watching a reportage about the great drama that lived the habitants of Venezuela on TV, left the audio open while attending her client. I wonder. Who gets excited like this? I would cry and go to Venezuela to help.

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