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MFC Top 20 models make a lot of money


MFC Top 20 models make a lot of money

Last year MyFreeCams mistakenly released the amount of tokens that each model on the Top 20 made during the first two weeks. Generally the following two weeks are equally productive, so I multiplied by 2 the amount of tokens made on the picture below.

MFC’s Top 20 made almost 3 million dollars, out of which the models earned $1,592,850. Taking an average of the exchange rate between USD and Colombian Pesos, we see that Top 20 Models made COP $4,778,550,900. Almost five billion pesos, an astronomical number for the industry.

It was a very productive month for MFC and their Top models, and even though numbers change month after month, we can calculate how much each Top 20 model makes:



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