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Sites denounce you to the authorities if you commit crimes against children


Sites denounce you to the authorities if you commit crimes against children

It’s common for the general population, and in our case the models that, after signing up to a broadcasting platform, they don’t read the Terms of Service that each of them sets to protect themselves and protect those who sign up. The comments, among those who don’t know the hard work done by the administrators of these pages, related to broadcasting children, are also common, ignoring the strict compliance with the law that each of them tries to promote, and even ignoring their own national law that permanently fights this type of conducts.

It is important to make clear that Webcam Model sites only accept persons with identity documents in which their adulthood is authenticated and officially approved by each country and international laws. There are even cases when her morphology corresponds to an underage’s while being an adult, and their accounts are blocked few minutes after starting the broadcast.

In this article we will summarize some of the most famous Webcam Model site adopted strategies to fight the presence of children on their platforms, and what the model is responsible for, after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the subject.


The first thing a model can read, before accepting to broadcast on Chaturbate, is a clear warning about the zero tolerance they have with the presence of children on their platform in the form of both images and videos, informing they will immediately tell the law enforcement about their presence: We report all images of minors to law enforcement including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (“NCMEC”) regardless of the state of dress of such minor or the purported purpose of posting. We will not contact you prior to reporting such images. We will simply terminate your account and provide the suspect images and all information to NCMEC”.



We will find something similar once we accept to be an MFC user: If you see any visual media, real or simulated, depicting minors engaged in sexual activity within the Website, please immediately Contact Support. Please include with your report all appropriate evidence, including the date and time. We will immediately investigate all reports and take appropriate action. We cooperate with any law enforcement agency investigating child pornography.


Cam4 counts with a long and detailed description of their Terms and Conditions, in which the prohibition of children on their website is also mentioned. Even though it occupies an additional place in the entire contract, and has a lower emphasis compared to the aforementioned platforms, Cam4 takes very serious the possible infractions to their rules on this matter, and usually, without a doubt, block the user’s accounts that has passed the ID verification and don’t look like the ID when broadcastingA partial list of content that is illegal or prohibited includes content that: – “Provides material that constitutes child pornography or which involves depictions of nudity or sexuality by an age-inappropriate-looking Broadcaster (i.e., someone who looks younger than 18, regardless of their actual age) or by a Broadcaster who is portrayed or otherwise made to appear as a person under the age of 18 by virtue of the script, make-up, demeanor, costuming, setting or props”.

The responsibility for underage sexual content on the net, belongs to all of us. Therefore, Webcam Model pages stimulate the immediate report of any suspicion on this matter. The profiles constant growth sometimes makes it hard to follow the tracks of each one of them, but with users reports (even those that look accidental), computer developers for the face recognition working with algorithms that quickly find keywords on public chats and websites, and the efficacy of the authorities, they will make these kinds of conducts harder and harder to find.

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