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By 2030 camgirls could have more work than ever


By 2030 camgirls could have more work than ever

Years go by without waste and people take every byte technology can give, so little by little we’ll move away from physical connections and be even more immersed in the Internet.

A study by David Spiegelhalter, an University of Cambridges statistics expert said that by 2030 couples will no longer  have sex. But why?

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Research suggests that because of connectivity related issues that we face every day, in the future physical encounters will be a thing we’ll leave behind, and this could be the reason why camgirls have millions of followers willing to start that spark of passion in the cyberspace.


Playing in your room with VR technology can  become the prefer way to have erotic encounters and enjoyable entertainment in the coming years, and that’s why the adult industry has taken big steps to create a dive environment that leaves nothing to the imagination.

This new  side of future modeling would not only serve to please men, but also women, so we could be in front of shows with large numbers of couples in it.

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Using toys and accessories compatible with virtual reality technology, could be necessary to complete the users’ experience, performing quality spectacles to those who are in this Spiegelhalters statistic and others who want to break the routine.

However, while we believe that physical encounters and intimate relationships between couples will reamin, we are sure that virtual encounters will be a big deal over the next few years.


The controversial study also stated that another reason why couples would stop having sex would be that they spend too much time together, watch too many TV shows together (which decreased libido) and let relationship becomes a routine, because many people already feel secure with their partner and do not try to do something else to get a more enjoyable relationship, explains Spiegelhalter.

Stress, lack of communication, thinking about children and work obligations, are other reasons that affect the relationship, according to the researcher.

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