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Google Launches Perfect Translating Headphones for Camgirls


Google Launches Perfect Translating Headphones for Camgirls

Pixel buds are the newest Google product. This headset was launched on September and Google announced some of its characteristics and features.

Camgirls have a dynamic work in all the modeling sites, so we show you this gadget to improve your connection and transmissions. It’s important that you be aware of it since it will improve the communication with your fans without language limits or distance.


From San Francisco, Google offered this product as a real-time translator, company’s experts’ commented that this technology is based on a literature tale, it relates that when a person introduced a “babel fish” in the ear he could understand all the languages ​​spoken. They also claim that the creators were inspired by the legendary movie “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

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During the demonstration you could see how two people (English and Swedish) could speak to each other in their native language without mishaps. As a camgirl it benefits you by having real conversations with your fans, without any inconveniences. However, your followers should have the same buds for a right feedback.

It is important to announce to your fans that you have them (if you do) and at the same time explain them that it will improve the communication so they can get them.

The Pixel Buds synchronize with new generation phones launched by Google. So they are the perfect accessories to complete your social media promotion.


Avi Greengart, Research Director for Consumer Platforms & Devices at Current Analysis said: “That was one of the best technology demonstrations I’ve seen in a long time and if its operation is real, then we’re living in the future …“.

Although the Pixel Buds are priced at $ 159, it is an investment that you will recover with the tokens you´ll get when you explore  its benefits.

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This headset can be controlled through taps or voice commands, so camgirls can send text messages, play music and receive instructions. Remember that one of the requirements to be the best camgirls is to be creative and take into account these types of technologies can lead you to stand out from the others.

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