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Did you know that your pet looks like you?


Did you know that your pet looks like you?

When we talk about pets, we also talk about the responsibility that involves living with a helpless animal, which does not have the ability of speech to express what they feel. However, they are grateful to those who give them love.

When a camgirl confesses that she owns a dog, a cat or any other kind of pet, she is reflecting even more than you could even know about herself.

Generally, choosing an animal as a partner, involves waiting for the right moment makes us identify with it, to say “yes”, or that magical moment of love at first sight. If you are a camgirl that loves your pet, I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Researchers in the human-animal coexistence, say that camgirls with cats’ preferences are more creative and urban people; on the other hand, those who like dogs show more responsibility and familiarity.

Camgirls that live with cats have personalities very different from those that live with dogs. The cats independence show their owners to have a more lonely, individualistic and adventurous life, so they know how to enjoy solitude more.

An investigation about the human behavior in coexistence with dogs or cats, realized by the University of Texas psychologist Sam Goslim, emphasized that in a population of 4,565 people surveyed  46% say they feel better with dogs, while 28% define themselves as a cat lover and the rest of the population are indifferent about pets.

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Goslim also determines that a family oriented way of life (dad, mom and children) is more typical of dog lovers, because of the dogs sympathy. However, in daily life we ​​see that those kinds of home generally show love towards pets, regardless of whether they are dogs or cats.

But we are sure that the foundations of caring for a domestic or exotic animal is love, responsibility and awareness about they needs of additional care and that they will always depend on you.

But you know, if you have a cat, you may be an adventurous person and have a feline like mood. On the other hand, if you have a dog, you are probably extroverted and look like him.

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Enjoy your pet, give it all the attention you can and remember that talking about them is also a topic that will earn you tokens during your shows.

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