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Puppy captivates social media by pouting


Puppy captivates social media by pouting

This puppy has filled the Internet with tenderness, making puppy face and pouting while its owner scolds it for be bad puppy at home. We are sure that many camgirls will fall in love watching it.

Camgirls love pets. From the traditional ones like dogs, parrots and cats to the most eccentric ones like reptiles; piglets, and fancy birds.

They are the subject of many the conversations between a camgirl and her fans because, for example, this puppy’s tenderness has achieved 5.5 million views on Facebook, and has touch the Internet users’ hearts, it could be a good excuse to start a chatroom conversation.

“No, you cant be breaking everything all the time and making your “It wasnt me face.  Now I’m going to punish you: I’m going to take your chick off you, no more chick! And you’re not going to the park any more for 15 days. ” Its what the owner says to this little dog that holds a little chicken between his legs, while it makes a puppy face.

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But famous pets are not the only a perfect excuse to chat, camgirls pets also have an important place in their conversations with users, telling about the love they have for their dog or cat. Other camgirls also post photos on their Twitter or Instagram account, making a connection with their followers not only online but in their social networks.

If you do not already have one, perhaps when you see this puppy face you will want to adopt and enjoy the personality and tenderness of one of these little animals.

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