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Webcam models should also be wary of BlueTooth


Webcam models should also be wary of BlueTooth

Nowadays talking about digital technology is also talking about the risks that people take when they buy any gadget. One of the first applications available to users was the Bluetooth, but now not even it is safe from the  hackers’ bad intentions.

Being a camgirl could be exhausting, trying to protect yourself from these cybernetic snitches, but now you have to be extra careful about letting the blue-light application on, either in televisions, computers, sound equipment, tablets, digital cameras or cell phones

We have prepared this article so you can learn how to defend yourself from Bluetooth attacks.

Although it seems harmless to keep it on, this is the principal cause that puts at risk everything you have on digital devices. Recently researches in this area detected a new vulnerability that could affect almost any gadget connected to Bluetooth.

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The sabotage consists in a malware (malicious program) called BlueBorne, which spreads faster than air and even affects vehicles Bluetooth system; it allows any Hacker to take complete control. All this with the intention to sabotage and steal identity and money from you and recently, to spreadviruses and computer bots using the cyberspace.

Because of this situation, the security company Armis’ researchers created a completely free application to detect if your device is vulnerable to Bluetooth hackers. So, if this app analysis gets a positive detection, you must take your gadget to a technician to format the operating system and install an anti-intrusion patch from web.

Even when there are two more harmful viruses that can penetrate your computer system, we wanted to teach you and warn you about this new spy technique. So, we give you a list of what you must do to protect yourself from them

  • Companies like Google, Microsoft and Linux have created patch licenses against these hackers, you just have to purchase and install them. Make sure that a specialist does so you don’t have to worry about wrong settings or letting any “back doors” open.
  • On cell phones you can configure Confirmation Codes setting, so you restrict access and let notify you about any connection.
  • It applies the use of Bluetooth 2 that has a reinforced system.
  • The safest way to predict this type of intrusion is to keep the application off while it is not in use.

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Take these tips into account to protect your devices and keep safe data and images that could compromise your well-being.

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