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5 things a model should not do if she wants to look elegant


5 things a model should not do if she wants to look elegant

Even if you are a camgirl you’re still a woman, so in your profession look for a balance that fits your personality and what you show on the screen.

In society, the feminine world is underestimated; everything goes around what we see on social media, TV shows, YouTube and physical competition between same sex people. Therefore, the surgeries have become a “must” to improve what you don´t have naturally.

However, a research made in Spain showed that in Spanish-speaking countries there are some behavioral factors that make women look bad so we should not make those mistakes if we want to be taken as elegant and delicate woman.

What you should not do:

  • Swearing: Although it seems “old fashion”, it is still socially wrong for a woman to have a  dirty mouth  and in your case, you can take advantage that there are fans who have a well-spoken woman fetish. Since the beginning, rude words have been censored because they do not represent anything positive. Maybe if you limit your “curse words” you will look a little more distinguished.

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  • Laugh very loudly: it’s the wrong way of having someone else attention and you’ll look indiscreet and as the legend says: “the mystery in the woman smile encourages the desire”.
  • Having bad walking and sitting posture: For what it’s worth to dress up with the most elegant women in the artistic world if you do not know how to wear it in style or with the right posture? It is important that you learn to sit right and walk slowly and steadily when wearing heels.
  • Being rude: if you do not greet back or you do not say “please and thanks”; probably you may already be classified as arrogant.

  • Being outdated: nowadays information is updated every second. Technology keeps us updated so you have to read a little bit beyond your own interest topics. So keep yourself updated about what’s happening in the world (not everything, but you can know what is trending), can be used to engage a more interesting conversations with your followers. Remember, you can’t see most of them, but they also have criteria and ideas that you can explore while having fun.

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We hope you keep in mind these tips if you want to be a better person every day. Your sensuality is unique and you must be aware that you do not need many surgeries to be an excellent camgirl, it’s all about creativity and originality.

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