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Are 4k cameras good for broadcasting?


Are 4k cameras good for broadcasting?

When starting your carreer as a camgirl, some aspects lead to deal with technical elements like lighting, high speed internet connection and webcams.

Webcams can provide sharpness or full HD quality, plus a clear and fluid image that allows the camgirls to look good in her shows and look good for her fans, they also add greater quality to the show.

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Previously we have talked about webcams like Logitech C920, its configuration and its 1080p resolution, consumes low computer resources thanks to its light resolution requirements, nevertheless, new models like the Logitech Brio with 4K resolution, full HD is an option to keep in mind.


Pros and Cons

This model has exceptional video streaming quality as well as enviable lighting features like the Right Light 3 with HDR. It is an improvement for environments with different illumination levels, which also requires an important internet bandwidth; it means that it should be used exclusively on platforms that support 4K and a minimum 20 Mbps fiber optic.

The Brio 4K has good sharpness and wider angle of vision but does not have greater changes or improvements for a camgirl´s daily routine. To work with 4K a fiber optic connection is usually the best option.


The Logitech C920 has color settings that are always important for transmission, while the Brio with its automatic controls and no color settings can get out of control with lighting or zoom changes.

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Another problem is a thick cable in the back that sometimes can unplug your camera disconnecting your transmission. That cable could move the webcam due to unstable stock base attached, not very useful when moving your camera or set it in different places because it could fall off.

So, even with the Logitech’s novelties and the Brio’s 4k High Definition, the Logitech C920 is still the most recommended webcam for webcam shows.

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