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5 ideal cars for webcam models


5 ideal cars for webcam models

The world of cool cars is not only for men; now women are been taken into account when designing a car. But which is the right one or how do camgirls imagine it?

It’s hard to answer seriously, because we imagine one that has makeup compartments, another for clothes or extra heels or with flashy colors; however we don’t keep in mind what really cares… comfort.


The right vehicle for a camgirl must be smooth at the wheel, with comfortable seats and of course it must have the perfect combination of design, color and modern mechanics, because many of us are not able to open up the hood to detect any failure.

Nowadays, camgirls are also interested in a car’s power so designing one for them is a cocktail of shining ideas  and power.

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In this article we will show you 5 types of cars clearly made keeping camgirls in mind:

  • Ford EcoSport She: Previous editions of this vehicle were desired by women for its lightweight, but Ford added useful details for women. This Limited Edition SUV was created thinking in female population; it incorporated equipment for camgirls, accessories fasteners and an exercise clock.


  • Fiat 500 Gucci: the design was authorized by the Creative Director of Gucci, Frida Giannini; thought on Gucci’s elegant women and their avant-garde style. Fiat presents a convertible version, in two colors with bright finishing and inside has exclusive details: bicolor Frau skin seats and Guccissima print.Vehículos
    Fiat 500 Barbie: Most women dream with having a car like the fabulous Barbie one. Feminine by itself, exclusive design, Fiat designed this special edition vehicle commemorating the 50th Anniversary Barbie Doll. This car is comfortable and totally elegant.


  • Renault Twingo Miss Sixty: Another car designed for camgirls, with floral details on the inside as well as outside, in pink and black. This car is ideal for young and risky camgirls who likes speed.


  • Citroën DS3: with a daring, young, risky, elegant and exclusive design. This is the perfect car for a camgirl.

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We’re completely sure that with any of these vehicles you’ll look cool.

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