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Get inspired and create the best Halloween costume


Get inspired and create the best Halloween costume

In October everyone, or almost everyone, is thinking about a ​​costume for Halloween. Some camgirls love constantly disguising themselves and getting into the cosplay world or costume play. Basically, it consists of wearing costumes and accessories to represent some video game, film, manga, comic or animé character.

Although these series or movie characters are Caucasian (some are Asian) we wonder what if we don’t have the facial features to personify them? Well, we can cover ourselves with makeup to look like them, but at the end we end up looking terrible, complaining is useless, we simply have no inspiration.

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Kiera Please shows us that planning every detail in our costume and some creativity will make us look attractive so the costume doesn’t play against us.

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The process to perform a cosplay begins when you choose the character, adjusting the accessories and the clothing to get the looks. Some costumes already come ready to buy online (, but if you want something more specific you may design your look with a specialist in that area.

Once you have your favorite character outfit and accessories, you just need to adapt the makeup and in some cases wear a wig that resembles the character, comic or superhero’s hair.

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In the room we can play with our favorite characters. Some choose the trendy ones, making references to famous films like Harley Quinn, the legendary Star Wars saga’s Princess Leia, or from series like Game Of Thrones. Many camgirls wear devil costume or something even darker. The important thing is that you choose the one that best fits your personality to perform in the room and drive your followers crazy.

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