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10 highly aphrodisiac ingredients to add to your diet


10 highly aphrodisiac ingredients to add to your diet

There’s a large range of aphrodisiac foods in the world and one of the benefits is that you will never get bored mixing them according to your preferences and needs.

In your camgirl career it’s important that your daily routine, either care or preparation, includes foods that help you boost your libido. Women are always exposed to hormonal changes, so this way you anticipate to any circumstance that may  play against you or affect you in your shows.


That’s why in this article you’ll know about 10 ingredients that you should include in your daily meals:

  1. Bluefish: this is a vitamin E rich protein, known as the sex vitamin. This fish nutrients act as an antioxidant, decreases fatigue and boost your sex drive. So, for camgirls it’s recommended to consume this protein twice a week.
  2. Strawberries: perfect ally to whiten your teeth, strawberries also have properties that stimulate blood circulation. You can even mix it with whatever and it will always be yummy.
  3. Honey: known for its peculiar harvest, its sweet flavor is attractive makes it one of the natural aphrodisiacs with faster effects in its contribution to your body.

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  1. The avocado: this tropical fruit is wanted because its wide list of benefits. Avocado contains vitamins D and E, which makes it a highly aphrodisiac substance. On the other hand, it is a great for skin care because it contains natural fats that nurture our body. Ideal for models.
  2. Almonds: Highly used, these very high fibers seeds will improve your digestive system and stimulate sexual desire. Nutrition experts recommend to eat once a day the amount of seeds that fit in a hand with a closed fist. That, will be the daily portion of almonds you need.
  3. Oysters: high in minerals that are ideal to stimulate the estrogen and testosterone production. Also, they contain high levels of zinc that help lift up any lazy body.


  1. Chocolate: chocolate generates a feeling of well-being in our body, so innately causes pleasure and excitement.
  2. Cinnamon: one of the best-known spices in the world for its aphrodisiac properties. Gurus attribute the cinnamon popularity to its imposing scent.
  3. Ginger: it is a root with a very strong flavor and almost no odor. But when ingested, it contributes to energy recover from fatigue.
  4. Licorice: from the moment a woman consumes it, the body improves the estrogen production and boosts your sex drive

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With these ingredients in the fridge you are ready to play with flavors and libidos in your shows.

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