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9 apps that will help your writing during your shows


9 apps that will help your writing during your shows

Speaking of technology is speaking about the constant evolution to communicate with each other without problems. One of the benefits of the internet is that there will always be apps to make your work easy or even do it for you.

When camgirls are in a show, one of the most common mistakes is to chat with typos and errors, and keeping the libido high while trying to answer to your followers.


That’s why in this article we will talk about 9 apps that will work as your assistant doing transcriptions  for what you speak during chats. In this case it is not necessary that your followers have the same Apps because they  work directly in your computer, cell phone or Tablet. The important thing is to know which one suits your interests and has the most convenient payment method to your pocket.

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  1. EasyTranscript: allows typing from natural ambient sounds to transcribing audio from videos. Its software suggests having Java previously downloaded for better performance.
  2. TranscriberAG: this app has an optimal performance when transcribing in French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Its platform was created in France, so we recommend some French knowledge so you can take the best of it.
  3. Transcription Aid: is ideal for uncomplicated camgirl who like to save their files, because it has an option for automatic saving and you can send an “end transcribing” command remotely.
  4. Listenandwrite: with this app you can transcribe even when the screen is minimized, it has a fairly light and easy to understand system. It will not exceed your data limit.
  5. Transcriber: just like the previous ones, this app acts as a transcriptionist but unlike the others you can save the transcripts as TXT and HTML documents.
  6. Dragon dictation: this app has a single button, you press it and start to speak, and from there it is responsible for transcribing and saving after you’ve finished. Although the text appears after you finish dictating it is easy when you get used to it and you can create documents in up to 30 different languages. You also have the option to share in social networks and server folders.


  1. Evernote (Android): Although Evernote was created to filter by voice, you can now transcribe speeches, lectures and recordings. If you are a camgirl who likes to write everything in the agenda, you can dictate and save all your plans. It’s totally free, but you will need an Internet connection in order to use it.
  2. Voice Assistant: it was redesigned and currently has a platform that allows you to publish directly for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you can forward it to Google Search, YouTube, Evernote or Page.
  3. SwiftKey: is an Android app that lets you alternate keyboard functions to assign emojis to any dictation.

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We’re sure that with any of these apps you will be able to talk fluid, without interruptions or misspellings, you will have the best tools in your hands.

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