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The future of the camgirls industry


The future of the camgirls industry

Thanks to technology, now everything is possible. No one could have predicted that personal interactions through a webcam would have power and would awaken so many sensations without the need of any kind of physical contact. This trend continues to grow and it will keep doing so in the future.

Every day there are more and more companies that join the search for elements that allow us to get closer in the distance. VR technology is already among us, but what else does the future hold? Here we tell you:


  • It is projected that 10% of teenagers will have had sex with a humanoid robot By 2045.
  • LiFi technology (100 times faster than WiFi) will allow super ultra HD streaming.
  • There will be more interactive sex toys.
  • In 2028 more than a quarter of young people will have had a remote sexual experience.
  • Intense realism to cybersex will grow because of the high details and connectivity added by 3D printers and touch devices by 2025.
  • There will be more online sex games to fulfill fantasies.


  • Dating in virtual environments will become mainstream by 2022.
  • Camgirls will be able to sell their sex doll replica.
  • There will be software with different personalities to download for the sex dolls.
  • There will be holograms of adult entertainment celebrities.
  • In 2020, the world of adult entertainment virtual reality will be used to experience.
  • The webcamgirl industry will be a business of great acceptance all over the planet.
  • Technological advances will benefit users and camgirls alike.
  • More 3D entertainment like CAM4VR and AliceX.
  • Users will really feel that they are part of the action.
  • A new line of sex toys developed to stimulate the whole body and not only for sexual organs.

The future approaches and it does it quickly. We can be part of it and take them to our chat rooms, to live new experiences.

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