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Prevent any user from spying on you through your webcam



Prevent any user from spying on you through your webcam

When you talk about invasion of privacy on your phone or computer you may think that such cases could only happen to someone else, but remember that you are a camgirl that gradually becomes a public figure, so it is important to protect your devices from unwanted guests.

When you are a camgirl your work is done in front of a webcam, but when you disconnect from your session it is possible that a fan or someone may want to remotely access your pc, tablet or phone and spy on you. According to Xataka, accesing the webcam or microphone on your laptop or mobile is relatively easy with specialized trojans known as “creepware”, but don’t be alarmed, because protecting yourself is very simple. Here we show you how to do it:

Use a sticker or label: to place an adhesive on the webcam. This will obstruct the view of a possible intruder.

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Another option is to buy a specialized accessory like colored covers to protect your mobile webcam, or magnetic  accessories to cover the tablet, mobile or laptop camera. Some of these covers are made of plastic with lids so you can open and close them, without removing them from your laptop.

Special apps to notify invasion: for technology-savvy models we have Oversight, a tool that alerts you whenever someone tries to access your webcam without permission, and lets you know if someone tries to spy on you.

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This application is an effective and easy to use solution, it’s activated with a simple umbrella icon and alerts you when an app tries to access the camera or microphone.

Disconnect your camera: It is the most effective, safe and cheap way to prevent being spied on, but this can only be easily done on desktop computers that use external cameras. For laptops you could disable it in your computer settings, this task is more complicated to perform on a Smartphone.

This way you may be more confident that no one will try to see or listen to you through your computer, Smartphone or Tablet. Practice the strategies we taught you to keep your privacy when you are disconnected from your work as a camgirl.

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