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The cutest webcam sex toys



The cutest webcam sex toys

One of the  most important elements of a camgirl show are the accessories she uses, like lingerie or erotic toys. The Hitachi is one of the camgirls favorites, however we can’t disregard other sextoys that stand out for their quality and design, some of them are even adorable.

Camgirls can find on the market an incredible amount of toys in all shapes and sizes , but some of these may look a bit intimidating for those who start in this career, so perhaps a sweeter-looking accessory can help to make you feel really comfortable while giving an innocent appearance to your show, so we´ll show you 10 toys designed to bring both tenderness and pleasure in a single accessory.

Minna Limón

Minna Limón, as you might suspect by its name, looks like a lemon. It works with a “squeeze”, meaning that the more you squeeze its soft sides the more it vibrates, which makes it perfect to give pleasure to your “V” zone.


Fin is made by Dame Products Company; it’s a vibrator for fingers that makes your fingering much more intense, because it turns your hand into a vibrator. It is a ery small toy and it comes in different colors.

Sensuelle Bunnii


The Sensuelle Bunnii, is the classic rabbit vibrator’s “cousin”, but in this case it’s a really tender device. This vibrator has 20 different vibration options, which may seem excessive, except that it also has a memory function, so it can remember your favorite settings.

Form II

Form II, although resembling a rabbit, its rounded shapes ears allow access to both sides of the clitoris with double action pulsations. It’s ideal for newbie camgirls, and is adorable and powerful at the same time.

Pocket Toyfriend

Pocket Toyfriend, is an accessory that could go unnoticed. Its lipstick shape makes it discreet, but although modest in style, this beautiful accessory is a powerful vibrator that may surprise your fans.

Iroha Vibe

Iroha Vibe, is also a small device that also looks like a lemon, but turns out to be a pleasurable vibrator. This product is from a Japanese company and gives vaginal and clitoral stimulation, which promises to help camgirls achieve great sensations in their shows.

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Lelo Lily2

Lelo Lily2, is a small curved vibrator in a lovely purple color. It is small and features eight different vibration patterns, making it an excellent addition to your arsenal.


The LoveLife Discover Mini is a product by OhMiBod and its attractive pink stick design has seven vibration settings and is also water-resistant,  it has a USB-charged design with two-hour battery life. One of its peculiarities is that 10 percent of the company’s income from this product sales go to help breast cancer survivors.

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The Little Duck

The Little Duck is one of the classic accessories; however beyond its tender appearance this rubber duck  is a great vibrator that can produce great pleasures to a camgirl.

The Rianne S. Heart Vibe

The Rianne S. Heart Vibe is another vibrator very similar to a sweet heart, but much better, because it’s small and  unique in its shape, making it a tender element that also hides an incredible power of satisfaction for your room time in front of your fans.

Alternating your usual toys with “innocent” ones can become the main attraction in a show where you create a story based on “naivety” and self-discovery making your followers drop their jaws.

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