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“Coregasms”: exercises that will give you pleasure on camera



“Coregasms”: exercises that will give you pleasure on camera

Could you imagine yourself in the chat room and being able to do an exercise routine that makes you reach an orgasm? So stop imagining, it’s possible and is a good way to give yourself pleasure as well as exercise your body in front of your fans.

Some models that recently start their career are afraid that some boy in their room will ask them to reach an orgasm and they fear that they will not be able to do it, but here we have a very good proposal to keep that fear in the past and never fake an orgasm again. And the best of all, it can be reached with training routines.

This type of orgasm is called “Coregasm” because its association with exercises that involve the central abdominal muscles and strengthening the pelvic floor.

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According to the Indiana University team which lead the investigation to determine how “coregasm” happens, this body response to exercise occurs thanks to the sum of multiple physical and chemical factors that generates pressure on the pelvis, getting the necessary stimulation to reach the climax.

How can this happen?

The secret is in tightening the abdominal muscles for a long time, this increases blood flow around the pelvis and the nerves surrounding the clitoris. Following the release of dopamine and endorphin increases the sensation of pleasure; all this along with a pleasant euphoria feeling is perceived as an orgasm when you exercise.

Some surveys indicate that 45% of women experienced “Coregasm” while doing sit-ups, 27% while weight lifting, 20% while practicing yoga, 17% while doing spinning and 13% while running.

The “coregasm” is usually very brief but extremely intense; specifically focused on the lower part of the abdomen.

Tension in the legs muscles helps to increase genital area stimulation, which increases the sensation of pleasure.

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How can you use this in one of your shows?

Very easy, you can tell your followers, you’ll show them the exercise routine that you daily perform to keep your body in shape and reveal them that it also makes you reach an orgasm.

Surely more than one will want to see you do your training while you are in sexy clothes and see you reach an orgasm at the end of the routine. It certainly can be something that many will enjoy.

As we all know, orgasm not always have to be reached by some sexual act, this is why this discovery is very interesting for camgirls.

Take a look to this video in which they pay special attention to the abdominal and pelvic region, because this is the area where these intense orgasms come from:

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