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Esperanza Gomez’s numbers in Chaturbate


Esperanza Gomez’s numbers in Chaturbate

For the first time ever the porn actress Esperanza Gómez made her debut as a webcam model. A connection with the professional model Sofía Laren introduced her in this adventure with the interest to understand what it feels like to be a webcam model and which the main differences in comparison of making porn movies are.

When we asked about her experience, Esperanza Gómez concluded that the differences are drastic. She said: “While filming a porn movie you go directly to the sexual content and in 20 minutes you have done your entire scene while being a webcam model you must have patience and wait for goals, which are reached once the visitors give their tokens. When you accumulate enough tokens for the goal you start the action: showing your breasts, undressing, masturbating or even making an explicit sex show. I had fun watching everything people wrote and expressed, but unfortunately the site was apparently falling because it was congested…  Fuck! It could had been even better! I chose Sofia Laren for this experience because her innocence and naivety made me find on her a good friend and take the plunge into this world. Sofia Thanks for teaching me the webcam”.

Tokens are a virtual currency which together are called “Tips”. 1 token equals $ 0.05 USD. The goal for this first show on webcam with Esperanza Gomez was 200,000 tokens ($10,000 USD). After 5 hours, they managed to cumulate 96,325 tokens equivalent to $4.816,25 USD which was below expectations due to failures of the site that constantly made the customers go out, cutting out the couple or not allowing them to send tips. Many customers, despite their frustration, chose “Off Line” tipping Esperanza and Sofia with messages of support and appreciation. Apparently Chaturbate server could not handle the traffic of the room that had an average of 10,000 people connected at the same time, until it began to fail for the other thousands of people trying unsuccessfully to enter. Nevertheless, Esperanza and Sofia had fun and you can see in pictures and videos brought exclusively by JuanBustos:


Esperanza (8)

Esperanza (9)

Esperanza (10)Esperanza (15)

Esperanza (21)

Esperanza (24)

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