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10 words that could kill your client’s fantasy


10 words that could kill your client’s fantasy

When you’re a webcam model, how you handle words can make a difference between keeping clients (and making a lot of money) or completely losing them. Here are some tips for you:

  1. “Work” has a negative connotation, making people understand you don’t want to be online. Your clients want to believe that you’re online because you want to and you enjoy it. Don’t say “I’m here, working…”. Instead, say “Here I am, enjoying myself…you’re so much fun, it’s nice to spend time with friends…”, etc.
  1. “Client” is a euphemism for “Exchange of services for Money”. Or, in the webcam world, “pay and I’ll show you”. Instead of this word you could use “my friend”, “my follower”, or “my guest”.
  1. “Nick”. It’s not convenient to remind customers “My Nick is AssDirty69”; they are looking for a deep and lasting relationship and thus a simple alias (like Daniela Jordan) will give you room to say your name easily, plus presenting yourself as an elegant model and not a vulgar one. It’s better to introduce yourself “Hello, I’m Daniela” rather than saying “Hi, my name is Dirty Ass”.
  1. “Money” or “Tokens” are words that tell you’re only online for economic purposes. Saying “Send tokens…I want Money…I need Money, pay me” are evidence of monetary urges. It’s better to avoid the subject of Money as a whole and, when unavoidable, you can say “Get me going…make me smile…make me happy, etc”.
  1. Phrases like “Take me to Private…I’m horny…do you want to fuck me?” tell the same as in point 4: you’re only in this for the money (and in a sleazy way). It’s better to say it in a different way, like “Let’s spend some time alone”
  1. “What do you want to see?” is really impersonal, saying that you’re only there selling a service and doing a job, without enjoying it. You must be more flirtatious and seductive, saying “How do you want to play? Let’s spend some time together, etc”.
  1. “I’m married… I have a boyfriend”. Many clients expect to develop a deep connection with you, and even if it doesn’t happen, that fantasy is the hook that keeps them there, which is why you have to “play along” and say things like “I’m not seeing anyone for the moment… I have a friend but nothing serious… I just got out of a relationship and I’m fine by myself for the moment, etc”.
  1. “I’m here because I need money… I need to pay for college and had to get this job… I have to pay rent, etc”: many clients get on these websites to have a good time and don’t want to know a model’s “drama” that’s usually made up anyway. While you are there for money, it’s not necessary to show it, also giving room for clients to get upset seeing that you’re victimizing yourself for money. Some of them will surely want to help you, but you don’t have to beg for it. With that in mind it’s better to say “I’m here for fun… I love to show myself over the internet… I get off when strangers see me, etc”.
  1. “I love you” is a phrase that has to be used very carefully because you could hurt your client. You can be affectionate, warm and loving with him and you can love him as a friend or even as a lover. If you’re not in love (which happens, sometimes) you can use expressions such as “you’re so good and kind… I like how you treat me… you make me feel so good… you’re a good friend, etc”.

If someone asks you to do something you’re not willing to do, “No” is the best answer. However, to avoid killing the fantasy, you can use phrases like “I’ve never tried that, but it sounds exciting… What you’re asking makes me curious… Tell me more about it… We can go slowly but I can’t promise I’ll make it, etc”.

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