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Main differences between Token and Private sites


Main differences between Token and Private sites

Token sites and Private sites have abysmal differences. While both types are similar showing models on webcams over the internet and the client will see and hear them, differences lie in the style, the rules of the website and the manner in which models act in front of the webcam.

Private sites are very restrictive, focusing on having the client take the model to a private show that is mostly sexual. Models in these sites cannot share personal or social network information, which would bring them closer to their clients, while token websites aim precisely to the opposite: have their artists build strong friendship bonds and get more intimate with their fans through networking; also giving space for entertaining artistic performances, fueled mainly by creativity, shows that turn clients into fans who give generous tips in gratitude to the models who make an effort in the webcam modeling world, not just for sex.

Here we could make some general comparisons:


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