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I’m not a webcam model because of lack of love, it’s because I want


I’m not a webcam model because of lack of love, it’s because I want

Fourth delivery of “The Camgirls’ Confessions”

“The Camgirls’ Confessions”, an excellent article presented by Carlos Sánchez Rangel, a Mexican journalist who, without signs of being prude, tells the stories of various characters of the Colombian webcam industry in the prestigious magazine: “Don Juan”.

Of course, there’s money involved, but making money is not easy. “If people could understand how hard this job is they would ask themselves again why we do what we do and come to the same absurd conclusions: they obviously had problems with their father; they’re obviously desperate… I think it’s stupid,” says Dani. For those who doubt that someone could love and enjoy this occupation, it is easy to come to these conclusions. None of these camgirls agree, though. Sofia Storm says: “I have the best dad and the best mom in the world. I went to a good school and I could have gotten another job, but I chose to be a webcam model.” Lack of a loving family is not a problem in Brenda’s house. She lives with her parents at the age of 27 by her own decision. “I have a nice family. I like to be with them. I want to move later, not now. You never know when you’re going to lose your mother or your father so you must enjoy your time with them.”  Always explosive, Dani Picas thinks that “if someone wants to say I have family problems to explain my actions because they don’t like what I do, then do it! I know the truth.”
When someone talks to these girls there’s a term that comes up over and over again: Double standards. “If you turn the TV on everything is about sex. They show you a pretty girl to sell a product and that’s accepted but what we do is not,” says Stephanie. Nina defines her job as selling an image and nothing else. “We don’t sell our own body. Victoria’s Secret models also sell their images, but they are not badly treated,” she points out. And it’s not like that just in the catalogs and on-screen. Stefa Daniels remembers that a while ago, in a supermarket, she saw two girls in bikini trying to give samples of pasta and no one was getting offended. Our society constantly sells sex on the one hand, she thinks, but on the other hand it forbids it and criticizes as if it was something bad.
They face that double standard. They reject the idea of them being persons without values. Mariana, a 25 years old camgirl from Bogota, met a New Zealander three years ago whom she found really attractive. They chatted daily on the internet, until he told her that he had to stop because seeing girls getting naked was wrong. It was, in his religion, something blameworthy. “I told him I was a practicing Catholic – by that time I was leading a preaching group – and that this was natural. So he stayed. Next month we’ll celebrate one year of marriage. He moved here because of me. Now, before connecting, we both kneel and ask God for a good day, for good people to come online to be happy.” Nani’s family is also Christian. “My mother thought this was the worst thing ever. What I do has nothing to do with my values,” she explains. Sofia Kitty’s parents, who also defines herself as a religious girl, reacted in a very similar way. Although they accept it now, at the beginning they thought there was a demon inside Sofia.
– Are you a victim? I asked Nani.
– No.
– And if someone tells you he wants to rescue you, what would you answer?
– Leave me stinking alone. I’m perfectly fine.
After a couple minutes, Sofia finished what she was doing. Her perfectly executed job made her blush. Her breath remains agitated simultaneously as does that of her viewers in LA, Madrid, Bogotá and in Canberra. We are happy as she is.

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