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MyFreeCams produces millions of dollars every month but doesn’t have money to pay technical support


MyFreeCams produces millions of dollars every month but doesn’t have money to pay technical support

Kickaz from MyFreeCams says: Last night I decided to leave in the middle of my show because I did not feel good working for an organization that lacks support.

For those of you that have no idea what I do, I am a show host on Myfreecams. Most of my shows require a lot of energy and inspiration and I really could not push myself last night.

Before I portray myfreecams (MFC) as the evil guy, which they are not and the point of the article is far from that, I would like to show some facts.

I have never had payment problems from MFC the entire four years I have worked on their platform until the payment period of June 1st- June 15th. Ten days later and there is no payment in my bank. Ok banks could be assholes… so I thought maybe my bank messed up, so I kept ringing them up and showing up in person to see if there was a wire coming. NOPE, nothing… OKAY.. this is new, how do I deal with this? It was the same bank I always got paid so if it worked before it should have worked this time right?…NOPE!

I decided to contact MFC on the 22nd of June because it was getting quite late asking them to track the transfer. They tell me to wait till Friday… Wasn’t very happy with the response as they could have tracked it then but I did wait till Friday and nothing had hit my bank account. I was starting to get very frustrated. I sent them another email early that day to please give me the SWIFT details and check, I received no reply from them. Then I saw admin Leo logged in and I thought maybe he could at least tell someone to check or at least acknowledge the problem. His reply was: “please email support” REALLY? I told him I had gotten no reply from them. I felt really disrespected and felt really uncomfortable putting on a show for an organization that despite getting 40% cut cannot provide some basic support for the models that generate them the most revenue.  I think they can afford to hire some more people to answer emails faster, maybe provide a chat line for models or have a dedicated phone line just like any business that generates millions of dollars a month does. But they don’t…

I know of at least of one other model that has not been able to receive international wires for the last month. Their solution for her was to mail her a cheque. I live in the boonies of Mexico, this option is not available for me so I don’t know how MFC will settle it. I do think they will settle it and I do not think they are a business that does not pay their models or scams their models in that sense, but they are a business that need to invest more in their support system and not just brush us under the rug when we need to contact them.

Today I did receive an email to my reply that that would look into it on Monday. Ok great, although they could have done that when I first emailed them but at least they are now responding.

Another frustration I have had with them was that they have very little google presence. When you search the words “camgirl, camgirls, webcam girl, webcam model, MFC…” they do NOT come up on the main page of google. This is a website that generates all their income from the internet, yet they  have a very poor google presence.

As I said before MFC is not  the evil guy but they could improve. They are still my favorite online community, they give models a lot of creative freedom ,which sets them apart from just the “vagina sex market” that some of their competitors portray. I have met a lot of awesome people on myfreecams and my life has changed for better since I started working on their platform four years ago, however nothing is perfect in life and improving is part of continuing to grow a business. If they want to keep growing they need to acknowledge areas which they are lacking and work on improving them.

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