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LiveJasmin, history and functioning


LiveJasmin, history and functioning

The pages of privates are still an excellent alternative to some models who can’t find in the Token Pages the adequate rhythm to adapt themselves to the high competition generated by the increasing amount of girls with big conditions, who are attracted by the amount of public they generate, which leads many of the models to explore and develop the required capabilities to face this new environment in the pages of privates. Some of them emigrate later, and some others find their ideal niche to keep growing as a model.

In this article we’ll talk about some of the characteristics of one of the most important private show pages in the world, we’ll talk about LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin was founded in 2001 by György Gattyán, a Hungarian electronic commerce entrepreneur, achieving in a few years a traffic of users that reached the thousands. Since then, he counts with one of the easiest to recognize and most attractive platforms among the other Webcam Model pages. With its characteristic color, that suggests a good glass of wine, it’s a wink to the elegant and meticulous way with which it intends to show its models.

Since 2007, LiveJasmin has won various wards, among them, one AVN Award and one Venus Award, 5 XBIZ Awards and one YNOT Award.

To start in a page like this one, it’s important that the model understands that the administrators’ required standards are high, and the more she fits these requirements, the closer she will be to succeed in a page that generates to some models up to 40 thousand dollars, this is 116 million pesos a month.

The technical aspects are key to succeed in LiveJasmin, and in this blog we’ve talked about them before. Here’s a summary of the most important:


The aforementioned technical specifications, including the audio, are permanently evaluated by the technical support team of the page, qualifying and placing the models according to their capability to stay close to the ideal broadcasting conditions. The environment in which the model is, should be both clean and glamorous, with excellent illumination and adequate colors. Once these technical elements are evaluated, in which quality must be impeccable, the eye is placed on the model, who must show the proper elegance of the page, presenting herself with lingerie in excellent conditions without doing naked shows in the free chat.

Infringement and Penalties.

If the account doesn’t meet the required technical conditions, LiveJasmin will apply a penalty for each one of them, in which other faults the model committed during the broadcast can be added, like talking on the phone, eating, sleeping, showing explicit sexual content in the free chat, not paying attention to the clients, disappearing from the broadcast or letting a not registered person enter the room, sharing personal information with the clients, messages and advertising through the webcam, denying to communicate with an administrator when contacted, among others.

Each one of these faults has its own penalty according   to a system designed for that purpose: The Penalty System FAQ in which it’s sanctioned depending on the content, severity, and reiteration of the fault.
The sanctions can be warnings, restrictions for the use of contents, deductions, suspension of the account for 24, 72 and 168 hours, or even permanently and irrevocably closing it.

All the models must be entirely informed about the sanction clauses before starting the broadcast to prevent them as much as they can, as much as the options brought by LiveJasmin to avoid them. An example of this is that if who is broadcasting wants to eat, go to the bathroom, or answer the phone, she can go to the Member’s Only Section and come back once ready to fully attend the broadcast.


Earn Money

LiveJasmin also allows to improve the traffic of clients to the new girls through initial promotions for their customers. The Spy Mode is also an additional source of income for the model,  as much as the promotional video that awards the third, second and first place for the most creative, winning $1.000$, $2.000, and $3000 dollars respectively to whom present the best videos.

Remember that the commitment and the dedication are key to success for both pages of privates and token pages. Both require discipline and long hours of connection, good technical resources, an adequate treat for the customers, and good English proficiency, (the key to a door that opens the possibility to gain access to a higher number of clients with a great paying capability).


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