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Do not be fooled with fake interviews and arranged payments


Do not be fooled with fake interviews and arranged payments

Occasionally I get e-mailed from girls interested on a job asking me if they must do “certain things” on the interview with the manager and/or studio: Do I have to get naked? Do I have to masturbate in front of him (or them)? If they want to touch me to see if I’m sexy, should I let them do it? Should I let them penetrate me with sex toys to see if I have “talent”? Do I have to make sexual films? Are they going to take pictures of me naked or having sex? The answer is No. Unscrupulous people with requests like this just appear to be “professionals” by taking advantage of the naivety of interested girls who, many times, out of need and/or desire of getting the job, let themselves be fooled.

The most important things on a webcam modeling interview are:

  • Check that the interested one is of legal age (you don’t have to sign anything, use fingerprints or pull out your eyes).
  • Photo inspection: can be done through Instagram, Facebook, E-Mail or WhatsApp.
  • Webcam inspection through Skype.
  • Body inspection (belly and breasts): facing forward and showing them in 30 seconds to see shape and form.
  • Angle inspection: facing forward and turn right, then left, then with your bac facing the camera.
  • General questions about personality, introvert or extrovert, talents, discipline, thoughts on jobs via webcam, etc.
  • General questions about family, social environment, if they’ll be aware of the job, address, studies, hobbies, if you speak English and relevant information to make a “profile” of the interested.

And if you decide to work as a Webcam model, you should know this:

  • Each studio has its own coexistence policies
  • It is common that some studios have penalties for being late, missing work hours without excuse, leaving the rooms unclean, among others.
  • If the sanctions are monetary, they must be justified and in a range between $5 and $20, sanctions higher than that are considered an abuse.
  • Each studio has its own payment policies regarding percentages; normally it is 60% on the studio and 80% from home.
  • The payment dates are defined by the studio according to their accounting schedule; some pay weekly and others every other week. Very few offer a monthly payment.
  • This studio model works very well in countries like Romania, Czech Republic, Colombia and others. In developed countries like the US or Canada it is much more common for models to work independently, unless they have the support of a “super studio” that helps them become popular very fast in networks and reach the top soon.

In an interview to be a model webcam you are not bound to anything. You can research on different places to know how they work, investigate on the payment process, find out about the methods of work and verify that the offers made are real. Following the lead of the information you find, you’ll be able to make the best decision to start working as a webcam model.

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