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Competition in figures: MyFreeCams Vs Chaturbate. Which page is better?


Competition in figures: MyFreeCams Vs Chaturbate. Which page is better?

There is a lot of talking about the great competition between MyFreeCams and Chaturbate, always in dispute for the user traffic market and the models for their respective pages. We know stories of Top Models that passed from one side to the other, as well as Big Tippers following their favorite model when she changes from page to page. Myths and truths that also involve Colombian models, going from here to there, trying to find which page is better.

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Let’s know the MyFreeCams and Chaturbate numbers:

  • Chaturbate is the number 1 webcam site ranking # 6 among all adult pages (Livejasmin is the second one at # 10)
  • Per day Chaturbate has an average of 198 million visits Vs MyFreeCams which has an average of 68 million visits per day.

  • The average “online-time” for people in Chaturbate is 14 minutes. Probably  first time users watching Free shows (in Livejasmin the average is one minute and a half)
  • In direct traffic, referred traffic and Google searches they are very close
    You can think that maybe these metrics are directly related to the number of models that are connected in each page per minute. In Chaturbate  online models sometimes reach up to 5 thousand, while MyFreeCams can connect up to 1,600 models. Considering this data, we could say that although Chaturbate traffic reaches almost 200 million visits in one day, it also has 4 times more connected models than MyFreeCams. And while MyFreeCams has less traffic with 68 million hits per day, that’s 4 times less compared to Chaturbate, it also has 4 times less connected models.

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Which page is better? Knowing these numbers, we could respond that both are very good pages, but with the number of models in each one and considering the traffic they have, it is clear that starting your career in one or the other will be a challenge for any New model, so with patience and effort, you should start to compete with other models to reach a good position in the site where you are broadcasting.

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