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Is it possible to tell if a woman is faking?

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Is it possible to tell if a woman is faking?

Let’s talk about men’s affairs! One of the main issues to worry a man in the field of sexuality as a couple, is undoubtedly the female orgasm. Orgasm is the culminating phase of  stimulation to erogenous and sexual zones of the human body, and manifests itself in many ways  according to gender. For women it is more difficult to achieve climax, men have it way more easy.



But it is men, who are very concerned about knowing if they are really sexually pleasing their partners, if they are really giving the best. To know the answer to that question, it is necessary that in your next sexual encounter with your partner, you take notice of the following symptoms in her body language: changes in her facial expressions, spontaneous corporal contortions, sweating and moans are all natural “signs” of the woman climax. Only by knowing your partner well, you will know how good a job you are doing.

Interesting note: For webcam models, having an orgasm in front of your viewers can represent the beginning of a promising career within the online camera world. It is more than proven, that all men love to see a model in the middle of a show, getting a spectacular orgasm in front of her audience . Write this tip as “important” within your performance as a webcam model.

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Some of the 5 most common keys in recognizing a real orgasm in a woman are:

1. Real orgasms, cause real sounds. If you notice any difference in her moans, you must be doing something very well (or very bad, depending on the case).
2. During orgasm, many muscles in the body lose tension, but others contract, so you may see your partner making involuntary movements of hes lower limbs. If this happens Congratulations! You gave her a good one.
3. Naturally, lubrication is a symbol of full arousal in a woman. You are the one who can better determine that feeling in your partner.
4. Vaginal contractions are an unmistakable sign of an orgasm. Pay close attention to whether your partner has them after sex. In case she does not have them, you should put more effort next time.
5. Watch her mood after an orgasm. Reaching climax represents a biochemical process in the human body, where several substances are released through the brain, such as dopamine and endorphins, which cause a feeling of intense joy and euphoria in human behavior.

So can you find out if an orgasm is real or not? The answer is YES, just pay a lot of attention to the advice given here, and you will be able to recognize it in an effective way. Good Luck!

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