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Create deep connections with your followers



Create deep connections with your followers

When you are new in the webcam modeling business, it is normal to ask yourself what to do? or How to do it? You will need to create a deep connection with the chat room members while you perform a show.

In this article we’ll cover how a microphone in your shows can be a crucial factor to satisfy the customer and create that bond. We´ll explained why.

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It’s common that when you start working on webcam you would want to know how other models perform to take their transmissions as example. In some cases you can see action happening in camera and in the chat, and using a microphone will help to listen to the pleasant model sounds rather than set the room ambiance.


However, using the microphone as a tool rather than an accessory is the key to reaching new levels of empathy with your followers and shortening the communication gap that entails text so you can create better and more lasting relationships with your fans.

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Writing or talking is one of the old dilemmas that webcam models have to deal with. Many who have studied languages ​​are able to go beyond the text and start conversations breaking the barriers that language imposes. That’s is why is so important to take seriously your preparation as a model.

Professionals know this, and make strategy to have an input and output devices in their terminals; this becomes an investment that allows longer, pleasant, more sincere and funny conversations with your chat visitors.

Even having the text option you should be aware that  having a verbal conversation with your followers will increases their satisfaction, which also means higher income in return. A logical explanation for this is that once you start talking, you will gesture involuntarily, increasing the quality of body language, which makes the interaction more genuine and natural.

It is important to recognize your visitor’s preferences, as some shy people will like to keep in touch with text messages, while others may want to hear what you want to say. So you can rely on the preferences of your room members, or perhaps make use of both the microphone and the text, to interact with all of them. It is advisable they can hear you speak, and alternate between your voice and the text because some users leave the audio in mute.

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Thinking about the quality of your shows means also taking the time to evaluate the experience of your chat room attendees. You can start a conversation in the text chat, then warming up and generating the follower’s desire, while they can privately listen and enjoy your voice.

This could be a tactic that encourages fans, who wants to experience more genuine communications, so it will always be good to hear you through the microphone, and if you want to establish a text interaction you will need to put more emphasis on the body language, facial expressions, smiles and sexy actions.

In conclusion, you must find ways to keep all the visitors engaged, regardless of the communication channels, and also, try to go one step further and prepare yourself in your communication skills, general knowledge, languages ​​and body language.

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