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How to choose your toys based on materials?



How to choose your toys based on materials?

Erotic toys are the foolproof weapon for your shows; delight  your fans and make their fantasies come true with these accessories that give us so many pleasures. I’ll give you some tips:

Toys can be varied,  with many functions and designs, different textures, sizes and colors, but when you are about to buy one you’ll wonder what material should my sex toy be ?, which will fit my body best? Or which one is easier to clean?

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There are many alternatives in the market beyond the type or size. The material influences directly  the quality and the product price, as well as its durability over time, so I present the ABC of the erotic toys materials to be aware when choosing the ones you’ll use in your show.

The erotic industry:

The big business of the erotic industry has made leaps and bounds in the manufacture of sex toys, taking care in detail of the materials used so they won’t be toxic to us.

Materials used in toys

Silicone: is one of the most frequently used  materials to make sex toys, silicone is a soft polymer but not undeformable, odorless and colorless. It is flexible, soft and does not stain or corrode materials in contact with it.

This material has no toxicity, is waterproof and hypoallergenic, and is considered one of the safest and most reliable on the market. It adapts to the body temperature of your body to make stimulation more pleasant.

It is the most recommended for the manufacture of erotic toys for being reliable and hygienic. Because it has no porosity it is possible to clean it easily with water and neutral soap or immerse it in boiling water. But silicone lubricants cannot be used on silicone articles, as strange as it sounds because this could be absorbed by the toy as it will deplete the life and degrade it.

Cost: The toys made with silicone start at $50. Its recommnede to use silicone toys because you’ll be sure of its great durability and the safeguard of your health.

However, you should keep in mind that some manufacturers use rubber polymer that is more economical presenting them as if it were silicone. They offer them for less than $35.

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Jelly: another material that you can easily find in the sex shop. It is a very flexible material and soft texture. It has porous so it can’t be sterilized, but it can be washed with warm water and neutral soap, letting it air dry.

In some cases it can cause skin irritation and discomfort. It is recommended not to expose it to heat and its important to notice that it is not a toy that you can use frequently.

Cost: It is the most economical in the market because the material used, you can usually found them from $18 and up.

Glass: It is one of the easiest to wash and to disinfect without problems. It doesn’t produce allergies and adapts to body temperature. You can use lubricants on it. It is soft and firm, and it has great durability over time.

It is a very appreciated toy for being a luxury accessory because of its hardness and shape, and can be sanitized with any type of cleaner or boiling it, it doesn’t cause any allergies and you can get it in a vibrator or dildo presentation.

Cost: Because this material requires a rigorous elaboration , it used to be one of the most expensive in the market. Its price starts at $62

Metal: Metal dildos are rigid, cold, durable and safe for the body. You can wash it easily with warm water and neutral soap. However it cannot be used by people who present allergies to certain metals.

As well as glass, metal is one of the luxury materials with versions made of silver and even gold, inlaid and diamond. You can use lubricants on it and their cleaning is performed easily with hot water or neutral soap, as it does not have porosity.

Cost: as well as glass, accessories made in metal are one of the most expensive in the erotic market, its price starts at $50.

Elastomer: It is a great choice because its hypoallergenic properties making it a great alternative when you need to choose sexual accessories. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water, but because it is porous it cannot be disinfected.

It is soft and pleasant to the touch as well as durable if it receives the appropriate care.

Cost: is a little more expensive than those made in jelly, its price starts from $30.

Latex: it is a durable material that won’t suffer notorious damages over time, although could be a terrible option for the models that suffer latex allergies. They are firm and hard, so they can be a great alternative as dildo.

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Cost: You get it from $15.

Phthalates, ABS and TPR: these are not properly materials but compounds. In every cases they are made of plastic elements some more flexible than others, transmit well vibrations, do not wear out easily, withstand high temperatures and have great durability. However, this type of compounds can cause some allergies and because they are a chemical compound you should try to avoid use it for long time.

Cost: Those made in this material is greater than those made with jelly and, depending on the toy, its price can start at $25.

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