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How to be Romantic: Without the flowers cliché

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How to be Romantic: Without the flowers cliché

You’re dating that special person that make your senses spin and you want to keep her happy with presents, but you do not want to walk down the street searching for flowers and chocolates, and you think on  how to spoil her without cliches?.

Maybe roses are not your thing, you’re tired of the chocolates and the “I love you” or “she’s my queen” t-shirts seem very corny, so it’s time for you to use another kind of gifts to show her your love.

There’re many options you can find, what you really need is to listen and to know the tastes of your partner to achieve it. That’s why we present you a list of options to guide you through the paths of the modern romance:

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Use technology: love with the internet´s help, digital postcards are a good at any time and give you the opportunity to share feelings. They come full of images from tender and cheesy to more cool concepts. It’s easy to find them using any online search engine.

The technology also allows you to order a dinner to receive at home, as well as send any details that will show romantic gestures to your lover.

Details with style: not everything are chocolates, you can give small things. In unexpected moments turns out to be a well received detail. Some alternative gifts may include: jewelry accessories, a peronalized cup, a fruit bouquet or her favorite candy, a lipstick of the color she likes, and makeup in general (most women like gifts that Include make-up). You will never fail with this advice.

arreglo de dulces

Take a walk with her: a trip to the cinema, it is an infallible option, but if you want to stay in her memory, take a pair of sheets and escape with her to the beach or the mountain. Do not forget to bring a good wine and drinking glasses.


Romantic afternoon: if you do not want to leave home prepare an afternoon for two, you can make it special with a few elements. You can prepare some food together, watch movies, make popcorn, buy candies and even try video games. But if you prefer a sweeter afternoon you can make a dinner at home (you do not have to prepare it just ask to deliver it to your house), light up the candles and offer a massage.

tv juntos

Crafts: If you’re one of those who believe that love letters are old fashioned, but you are skilled with your hands, your choice for a good detail should be a card or craft. You do not need to be Shakespeare or translate classic poetry; the internet can help you on this. Applications like Pinterest can give you great ideas for making simple cards, and sometimes they are ready to print. You can add the photo of a nice moment together and you will be the owner of her heart.

They say that the shortest way to reach a woman’s heart doesn’t exist, but trying new options provided by technology as well as the help of some practical ideas can make this task easier without the need big budgets. Sometimes, you only need to use your imagination.

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