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7 tips to start a productive day



7 tips to start a productive day

Successful camgirls around the world understand that the key to success, happiness and productivity consist of many factors, and starting the day with healthy rituals is a must to guarantee a good state of mind and spirit.

As a camgirl, you probably oversleep from time to time, and in trying to catch up you forget about some of the things you had todo and everything becomes chaos, and it makes the rest of your day a complete mess. So today we present 7 habits that will help you start the day with the right foot and be a highly productive camgirl:

  1. Do not use your phone as an alarm clock:

Nowadays days is very common to use our Smartphones as alarm clocks. However, this may not be the best way to start the day, according to an recent  English study. It suggests that when we get up (and before doing anything else) we grab our cell phone, and as soon as we turn-off the alarm we proceed to check emails, messages, WhatsApp, and every other App.

Although this seems normal, it has a negative effect on our health, because it set us on an alert state, and this can change our mood and energy radically when we wake up, which will be noticeable in tyour show. Invest in an alarm clock and stay away from the phone on your breaks.

  1. Beat the alarm:

Usually as soon as the alarm sounds, we snooze it and we sleep a few more minutes. Even when it is not an easy task, it’s fundamental that you do not snooze the alarm because it is the first commitment to fulfill. If you don’t do it, the same thing will probably happen with the rest of your goals: eating healthy, going to the gym, doing your job.

Try to wake up every morning with the alarm sound, or maybe a little earlier. This gives you time to enjoy every detail of your morning, fill yourself with energy, take a deep breath and take a quiet shower. You will also have time to get dress and to drink tea or coffee.

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  1. Start your day with a powerful statement:

This is called programming: Tell your body what to do and how your day will be. The tokens you will get, the good relationships you will create, and how you see your own success. As you verbalize it your mind will set out to achieve these goals and you will make it real.

  1. Stretch in the shower

Stretching while you shower is not crazy, doing it in a hot shower improves circulation, starts the lymphatic system, removes toxins, and gets you full of energy.

  1. Get inspired

A little more brain programming! Stimulate your mind with motivational quotes, songs you like, or videos that inspire you. This will make the day to go in the right direction.

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  1. Eat healthy

Yes, although it sounds like a cliché. Starting the day with a healthful meal will fill you with energy, as opposed to eating  sugary and fatty foods that make your body slow down.

  1. Organize your time and energy

Identify your goals for the day so you won’t waste time doing things that are not a priority. It’s necessary that you make an activities calendar and stick to it, be aware about activities that make you feel satisfied besides the webcam, such as: meditation, walking, jogging or reading.

Creating good habits requires constancy, discipline and will to achieve your daily tasks and goals. Remember that filling yourself up with energy will guarantee a better mood and your fans will notice it.

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