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How to get the million tokens idea



How to get the million tokens idea

Are you that camgirl that stands in front of a mirror every morning and can’t think about new ideas for her show?

– Yes sir

Do you keep thinking about it on the subway, on your way to acting class and the ideas are still not coming?

– Yes sir

Do you want to learn how to have two great ideas a week?

– Yes sir

The more ideas you have the faster the million tokens idea will appear.

If you have read carefully the articles we’ve been publishing on the blog you’ll know that we always emphasize the planning, plan your day, plan your goals, plan your topics, plan your shows, plan your life … That’s why when you take time to plan, take a few minutes to also generate ideas. It will only take a few minutes, but you will benefit with several strategies to save both time and money. Some ideas won’t work, but many others will, especially those that take some time to “pop up” from your brain. Write them down all of them; even if some don’t work right away, they’ll help you later.

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The first thing that matters about ideas is quantity, then quality. First generate all the ideas you can, then filter and only keep those with the highest quality. First, warm up your brain, to do this is very important to have reading habits, be constantly updated, make connections with people related to your environment and, if possible, work in groups to create a team synergy. Consider what you want to achieve and how you could achieve it, what elements you need, or start with a simple element, for example: chalk. Chalk could be used for a classroom show; a double meaning word show or a drawings show, from a simple element you can come up with a lot of ideas.

Ideas are improved when they come from a team. The thought – you will steal the idea – does not apply if you work with the right people, anyway what really matters is who does it first, certainly in the world there are people who are thinking the exact same idea right now.

You can take old ideas and improve them, adding details, refurbishing them, an idea brings other ideas. Make an effort to get ten ideas and then choose. The first, second and third will be obvious, but then things will get more complicated. Don’t give up because with the last ones will come the “Hallelujah, this is just what I needed.”

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Be careful!  An idea is worth nothing by itself. There are too many good ideas that never become reality. An idea is only good if it is implemented. Develop a concept beyond an idea. It sounds obvious but too many people have good ideas but never use them. Ideas for a business, ideas for decorating, ideas for study other languages, ideas for writing a book, etc. Good ideas you will never use because fear of being copied. They will keep them and believe they have a treasure. But ideas by themselves are worthless. Do not be afraid, the worst thing that can happen to you is that nothing happens.

Cheer up! If you take thirty minutes a week to generate ideas, the super idea will come. It will be as easy as mentally reviewing combinations, scribbling possibilities on paper, or waiting in silence for the ignition to spark. As soon as you try, your effort will be rewarded.

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